Shelter Tours and Educational Presentations

Shelter Tours

Maui Humane Society's animal shelter is open to the public from 11am to 6pm. Within these hours, educators and group leaders can request a guided group tour of the shelter for any age group. A Maui Humane Society representative will introduce the group to our mascot Freddie the tortoise, and give them a tour of our Cat Ohana, Critter Corner and Dog Kennels while providing information about animal welfare, sheltering and the history of our agency along the way.

Shelter tours offer a hands-on approach to humane education and allow students to experience the animal shelter world firsthand. Groups will have the opportunity to socialize with shelter pets, and educators have the option of adding a community service element or educational presentation to their group's shelter experience.

Booking a Shelter Tour
To book a shelter tour, educators must first submit a Shelter Tour Request Form. Because of space restrictions, tour groups are limited to a maximum of 12 students and 2 chaperones per tour (larger groups may be split into smaller units/ time-blocked). Groups of students under age 7 must be accompanied by one chaperone per 6 students. Group shelter tours must be booked at least one week in advance of the proposed date. If your group will be adding a community service element or educational presentation to their shelter experience, this must be noted on the request form and submitted a minimum of two weeks from the proposed date. The educator must also submit completed Parent Authorization Forms for each child to the tour guide prior to the start of the tour. We prefer for safety reasons that each student must wear close-toed shoes.

Shelter Tour Guidelines
We highly suggest that educators share the Shelter Tour Guidelines with their group prior to arriving at the shelter. These guidelines apply to all ages, but it is particularly important to share with our younger students.

Educational Presentations

For years Maui Humane Society has been partnering with schools, enrichment programs and community groups to provide Maui's people with the information and resources they need to advocate kindness, compassion and respect for all forms of life. Maui Humane Society offers educational presentations on a wide variety of animal-related topics for every age group. Topics range in length but generally run from 30 minutes (for Pre-K - Grade 1) to an hour. For a summary of Educational Presentations offered by Maui Humane Society, click here.

Booking an Educational Presentation
To book an educational presentation, educators must submit an Educational Presentation Request Form at least TWO weeks in advance of the proposed date. If you would like a live animal to be incorporated into the presentation, this needs to be indicated on the request form and the form must be submitted at least THREE weeks in advance of the proposed date. Once your request is received, you will be contacted by our Education and Outreach Coordinator to confirm and schedule your request. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee a reservation. The sooner you submit your request the more likely we will be able to accommodate it.

Extended Collaborations
Some programs prefer to work with Maui Humane Society on a recurring basis, with the MHS representative meeting with students regularly to build upon previous lessons and explore animal issues more thoroughly. Provided we have the resources available, MHS can work with educators to devise an extended curriculum. If you are interested in this type of collaboration, please indicate this on your request form and submit a brief description of what you have in mind. Because these programs require more preparation, requests for extended collaborations must be submitted at least one month in advance.

Help Us Make Progress
Educator feedback is integral to the development of our educational programs; we'll need your help to serve you better. If you are interested in learning more about a topic not covered by our current curriculum, please let us know by contacting us at and sharing your thoughts. Your insight could be the foundation of a new presentation!

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