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From providing spay and neuter financial assistance to providing medical care and options above and beyond what is normally possible, contributing to our special funds allows us to reduce pet overpopulation and save even more lives.   

Spay-Neuter Efforts
Support our efforts to reduce pet overpopulation on Maui by donating toward our spay-neuter efforts. These donations help us to cover some the costs associated with community spay-neuter clinics that are not covered by current grants. From providing microchips and vaccinations to furry clinic patients to helping us feed hundreds of volunteers who give days of their time and effort for the love of Maui's pets - your donation will bring us closer to the day where every Maui pet can have a loving home. 

Hope Fund
Donations to the Hope Fund allow us to help shelter animals who have suffered from injury, illness, abuse or neglect and are in need of special medical care. Funds are used to pay for medications, x-rays, costly surgeries and other extraordinary treatments. Donations to the Hope Fund allow us to save lives that we otherwise would not have the resources to save.

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