Leash Laws in Maui County

Maui County regulations are intended to ensure the humane treatment of Maui’s pets and the safety of our community, and restraint regulations such as leash laws protect public safety, as well as your pet, from any number of unpredictable dangers.

Maui Humane Society's Humane Enforcement Officers are tasked with enforcement of these laws; they also serve as educators and facilitators to pet owners all over the island. Under county and state statutes, MHS officers have the same authority and powers as a police officer to issue citations in the event that animal regulations or laws are violated. For example, allowing your dog to run loose on the beach is a violation of our leash law and would be a citable offense. 

Loose dogs present a dangerous situation for both animals and humans, as dogs that are allowed to run loose are at great risk of becoming lost, injured or killed. In addition, a loose dog can be a nuisance or threat to people and other animals.

For this reason, the county has opened dog parks in Keopuolani Park (Central Maui) and in Makawao (Upcountry) where pet owners can allow their dog to run leash-free in a controlled environment. 

Maui County Code 6.04.040 requires that your dog be under restraint at all times on the owner’s property (in a manner which prevents the dog from exiting the property of its own volition), or on property other than the owner’s, a dog must be secured on a leash of not more than 10 feet in length and a responsible person must hold the leash. This includes all beaches and parks in Maui County except leash-free dog parks.

Leash law violations bring a fine of not more than $500. The minimum fine is not less than $50 for a first violation; a fine of not less than $100 for a second violation within five years after a prior violation; and a fine of not less than $200 for a third violation within five years after two prior violations.

To report a leash law violation, please call the Maui Humane Society at 877-3680, extension 211; you can also document the violation if you have a cell phone or other camera handy.

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