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What is dog agility?

Dog agility is a popular canine sport in which a handler directs a dog through a variety of obstacles such as a tunnel, teeter-totter, tire jump, weave poles, pause table, and standard jumps. During competitive agility events, handlers attempt to navigate dogs through a course as quickly and as accurately as they can. Agility training has many benefits - it fulfills your dog's natural instincts, helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog, and is great exercise for the BOTH of you!

Learn More About the Benefits of Dog Agility Training
Read Our Agility Class FAQs

All courses listed are offered on a first come, first served basis on Maui Humane Society's Agility Field, and led by volunteer instructors Betty Brask, Cindee Burkitt and Sybil Davis, DVM. Participating dogs and puppies must be licensed under Maui County, current on their vaccinations as appropriate to their age and on flea and tick prevention. Any dog that presents a potential danger to people or other dogs may be asked not to participate at the instructor's discretion. Because they are still growing their bone plates, dogs less than one year old will be restricted to specific equipment and handling.

100% of your course fee benefits Maui Humane Society's shelter pets. 

Introduction to Rally Obedience
Dog Tricks for Fun and Fitness
Beginner 1: Obstacle Training
Beginner 2: Sequence Training
Intermediate Agility
Agility Open Practice

To register, email us or call (808) 877-3680, ext. 240. You will be asked to provide the following:

-     Completed copy of the registration waiver, available here
-     Copy of your dog's vaccination history
-     $75 payment

Introduction to Rally Obedience 

50-minute classes with Sybil Davis, DVM (Wednesdays, January 29 through March 4) at 4 (SOLD OUT) and 5pm

Rally obedience is a fun way to progress with obedience training after their initial obedience class and consists of the handler and dog walking through a course of about 15 signs and performing obedience commands listed on each sign. Dogs will learn to heel with a loose leash, and will sit, stay and down at various signs. This fun and interactive class also prepares dogs and handlers to enter AKC rally trials

Bring lots of high value small treats and a 4-6' leash. The 'Pocket Rally' app is very useful to review how to perform each sign so owners can practice at home.

Requirements: All ages and breeds are welcome. Dogs need to be able to walk on a leash and should have some basic skills such as sit, stay and down. 

Course Fee: $75 for 6-week series. (max 6 students)

Dog Tricks for Fun and Fitness

50-minute classes with Sybil Davis, DVM (No classes offered at this time)

Reduce the risk of injury by having a fit and flexible dog and learn fun tricks and skills to show off to family and friends! This course will improve your dogs learning and problem-solving skills and enhance the bond between you and your dog through a fun, low stress activity. About 10 tricks will be taught in each class, starting with foundation tricks and will progress in difficulty week to week.

Requirements: All ages and breeds are welcome. It is recommended that each dog have basic obedience skills. We will be helping dogs perform some tricks so a harness is recommended to prevent injury.

Course Fee: $45 for 3-week series (max six students)

Beginning 1: Obstacle Training

50-minute classes with Cindee Burkitt (Thursdays, January 30 through March 5) at 5pm (SOLD OUT)

Think you have a dog who would be good at agility? This is a fun class for dog friendly dogs over 6 months of age* to learn how to playfully interact with their handler while maintaining focus and control.

Begin your agility training by learning the essential foundation skills along with emphasis on the “team relationship” between you and your dog. Dogs and handlers are introduced to the agility equipment and basic handling skills. Dogs are taught to safely go over, through and walk on agility equipment and more. The fundamentals of agility are emphasized; safety, contacts, dog/handler teamwork.

Some of the tools and training methods which we will teach to the handlers and dogs include:

  • The use of toys to reward and motivate the dogs
  • Shaping behaviors using clicker training
  • The fundamentals of operant conditioning (clicker training)

Each student will be given a clicker during the first class. Bring a hungry dog (skip breakfast) on class days. Students are responsible for bringing yummy treats (small or easily broken into small pieces), favorite toys and a basic collar and flat leash. No flexi-leads, prong or chain collars please. 

Requirements: All ages and breeds are welcome. Dogs must be 6 months or older, physically capable, and have basic obedience commands (come, sit, walk on loose leash).

Course Fee: $75 for 6-week series (max 6 students)

Beginning 2: Sequence Training

50-minute classes with Cindee Burkitt (Thursdays, January 30 through March 5) at 4pm

Learning to sequence smoothly and efficiently from one obstacle to the next through turns and winding pathways, using obedience and obstacle commands.  Dogs need reliable responses to certain obedience commands (sit, down stay and come),  as we will be working off-leash. 

Requirements: All ages and breeds are welcome. Participants must complete Beginning 1: Obstacle Training or have instructor approval to register for this class.

Course Fee: $75 for 6-week series. (max 6 students)

 Intermediate Agility 

50-minute classes with Betty Brask (Tuesdays, January 28 through March 3) at 4pm (still available) or 5pm (SOLD OUT)

Class Description: Continue where Agility I left off. Have fun while working on longer courses and gaining confidence on all of the equipment.  We will work on contacts, distance skills, and independent weave poles.  Work handling skills including front crosses, rear crosses, serpentines and 270’s. 

The skills to be learned include:

  • Building drive and focus through rewards and play
  • Jumping skills
  • Performing all equipment (A-frame, dogwalk, teeter, weaves, tire, chute, etc.)

An increasing focus on handling skills including:

  • Turns
  • Side changes
  • Obstacle Discrimination
  • Start Line Stays and Lead-outs
  • Preparing to enter fun matches and trials

By the time a dog/handler team master the skills covered in Agility II, they should be ready to enter their first fun match or competition.

Requirements: All ages and breeds are welcome. Participants must complete Beginning 2: Sequence Training or have instructor approval to register for this class.

Course Fee: $75 for 6-week series (max 6 students)

Agility Open Practice*

*For past and current students of MHS Agility only. Open Practice sessions will run on the following Saturday mornings from 7:30-9:30 am:

  • January 18 and 25
  • February 1,8,15, 22 and 29
  • March 7, 14, 21 and 28

Class Description: Practice your agility skills, run the courses, and train without distractions during these practice sessions. This is not a class with instruction, but sessions are supervised by an agility volunteer. 

Requirements: All ages and breeds are welcome. Participants must have previously completed a course or instructor approval.

Course Fee: $10 per session at the door. No sign-up required.

Questions? Read our Agility Class FAQs first. If you don't find your answer, email us at

PO Box 1047, Puunene, HI 96784
Operating Hours: 11am to 6pm, 7 Days a Week
(808) 877-3680


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