Maui Humane Society is organizing a FREE, high-quality spay/neuter clinic for cats IN HANA on March 17 & 18, 2017. Spay/neuter surgery for both dogs and cats is FREE at the Maui Humane Society, all the time.

Call (808) 877-3680 to make an appointment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why host a spay/neuter clinic in Hana? Maui Humane Society is hosting a FREE, high-quality spay/neuter clinic for cats in Hana in an effort to make these services more accessible to our East Maui community. 

When is the clinic happening? The clinic will be available by appointment on Friday, March 17th and Saturday, March 18th. You will be informed of your drop-off time when you make your appointment.

Where will the clinic be located? The clinic will be held at Hana Health (4590 Hana Highway). Rented traps will be available for pick up at the same location on March 16th.

How do I make an appointment? Appointments can be made by calling (808) 877-3680 Monday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm. 

Can I bring my dog to the clinic? This clinic is specifically for CATS in Hana - but Maui Humane Society will spay and neuter ANY dog or cat for free, any time. All you have to do is call (808) 877-3680 ext. 3 to make an appointment.

Who is operating on my pet? Maui Humane Society's spay/neuter clinics are managed by our incredible team of highly skilled veterinarians and veterinary technicians who are specially trained to manage high-volume spay/neuter clinics like these. This same team spayed and neutered over 5,000 Maui animals last year - your pet will be in caring, compassionate and capable hands.  

Do you offer trap rentals for catching feral cats? We do! If you need to rent traps to catch ferals for the clinic, just let us know when you call to make an appointment. Traps will be available for pick up on Thursday, March 16th from 4-5pm (the day before the clinic starts) at the building behind Hana Health. 

Is this clinic seriously free? Nothing is every REALLY free, but thanks to donor funding this clinic is offered at NO COST to the community. However, donations to help us to continue our mission are appreciated. The average cost of a cat spay/neuter is $200-300 - the average donation at one of our clinics is $20-40.  

I know where there is a large colony of intact cats in Hana. Can you help? We will have a small trapping team available to help trap, spay and neuter cats from locations where 15 or more cats are confirmed to be colonizing. If you know where our team can find 15 or more cats in need of sterilization, please e-mail a point of contact and the location of the cats to

Want to Help? 

  1. VOLUNTEER! These clinics require manpower - and we need all the help we can get! Contact us if you would like to volunteer during our next clinic.
  2. Spread the Word! Encourage your friends and neighbors who have intact pets to do the right thing. Contact us if you would like to help us get the word out.
  3. Become a volunteer trapper (cat clinics only). No experience necessary - our awesome veterinary staff will provide you with all the training and information you'll need. Contact us if you can help!
  4. Share our clinic postings on Facebook, or pick up a set of flyers at the Maui Humane Society customer service desk during normal business hours and help us to get the word out!
  5. DONATE to support our spay neuter efforts. It takes a village! Support our efforts to provide spay-neuter services to the our community to help us create a better Maui for pets and people.

PO Box 1047, Puunene, HI 96784
Operating Hours: Monday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm
(808) 877-3680


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