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What is the Giving Tree?

The Giving Tree is an opportunity to give to shelter pets in need during the holiday season. Each ornament represents much-needed supplies which will help us to continue providing loving, quality care to Maui's homeless animals. 

If you're wondering where your gift will go, scroll down for a list of things your gift could provide. No matter what amount you give, you are making a real difference. We love this tradition and hope you will too!

See how you can help...


  • 2 Cat toy wands
  • One small bag of high value dog treats for training
  • One large Kong toy for a shelter dog


  • One safe kitten den for bottle babies to grow
  • Food, hay and a toy for one guinea pig
  • One 48-pack of canned kitten food for weaning young kittens


  • A half gallon of medicated shampoo for shelter dogs with skin problems
  • A Feliway pheremone diffuser and refils to reduce stress in cats
  • IQ treat toys for two shelter dogs
  • Vaccinations for 3 shelter dogs


  • One large Kuranda bed to provide comfort in the kennels
  • A wire training crate to house foster kittens or puppies
  • A heating pad for cats recovering from surgery


  • One month of fresh fruits and veggies for our critters
  • A heated blanket for dogs waking up from surgery
  • A pooper scooper for each play yard


  • Save an injured kitten who needs a leg amputation
  • A Kong toy for every dog at the shelter
  • Help raise a foster puppy with treats, crate, training pads and toys
  • Help a cat recover from medical treatment in foster care with comfy bed, toys, crate and medication


  • provide life-saving heartworm treatment to one shelter dog
  • give a senior shelter animal a healthy smile
  • provide care to all occupants of a kennel for 5 months


Provide care to all occupants of a kennel for an entire year!

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