Charity Walk 2022 - August 13-20th

What Is It?

The Visitor Industry Charity Walk is one of the hospitality industry’s way of giving back to our communities. It is one of the largest single-day fundraising events in Hawaii with walks on Kaua’i, Oahu, Hawaii Island, and of course Maui Nui. Together the state raised just over $2 million in 2021. Maui County alone contributed to that, and raised over $1.2M! Most importantly all of the money raised here, stays in Maui County, benefiting our residents.

We are looking forward to gather again with a hybrid event the week leading up (August 13-20th) to our in-person walk on August 20 at the War Memorial Sports Complex. It’s sure to again be filled with a whole week filled with fitness, fun, entertainment, and giveaways.



Charity Walk 2022 Logo


This year, there are three different ways to participate:

August 13-20

Join the MHS TEAM by clicking “Join this Team” to start fundraising on our behalf. Registering virtually also allows you to log your steps between August 13-20 so you can WIN HUGE PRIZES!

August 20

Join the MHS TEAM by clicking “Join this Team”. Fundraise throughout the month of August on behalf of Maui Humane Society and join us at 7am on August 20th at War Memorial to walk with all participating staff and team members! We’ll have a tent and a couple adoptable dogs ready to lick the sweat off your face after your walk!

Donate directly to the MHS Team! You can even text Maui24 to 71777 to donate directly!

All fundraisers raising more than $100 receive a free MHS Charity Walk T-shirt!

Charity walk Tee FRONT
Charity walk Tee BACK
Why join virtually?

Join us on the 

What kinds of prizes can I win?
Can dogs join us at the in-person walk at War Memorial?

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed to participate IN the walk 😔 BUT, we will have a couple adoptable dogs ready to cheer you on and congratulate you after the walk!

Last year my registration included a t-shirt. Why do I have to buy one?

The Charity Walk has decided not to include a t-shirt with the registration this year, but they have decided to have a team t-shirt competition! If you raise over $100, you’ll receive a free MHS Charity Walk t-shirt!

Important Info

Starting July 1, all donations we receive will go towards the Charity Walk.

If you register now and join the MHS team on our page to start fundraising on our behalf, you’ll receive a t-shirt and wristband.

A percentage of the Charity Walk total fundraised amount goes back to MHS, meaning if you donate to us, your dollars go further! There are also prizes. ANYONE can walk and that means ANYONE can win prizes!

You can also text Maui24 to 71777 to donate and register, so you can do it all on your smartphone!

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