Donate $5 or more on January 17th in honor of Betty White on her birthday. All donations will be matched up to $1K! She was known for her love of animals and her dedication to improving their lives. To honor & emulate her sense of humor, Maui Humane Society has chosen our very own Golden Girls!

Betty White was an animal activist and a strong supporter of animal rights. She donated generously to various animal welfare organizations, was known for her love of animals and her dedication to improving their lives, and encouraged others to do the same. We humbly ask our supporters to Donate $5 or more on January 17th in her honor and her memory, all donations will be matched up to $1,000!

To honor Betty White on her birthday and emulate her sense of humor, we have chosen our very own Golden Girls! See which one of this classic bunch could find a place in your family, and donate in Betty’s honor on January 17th!

Betty White was an inspiration to us all, and today we honor her! Lilo inspires us in a similiar way, reminding us all to smile, and wiggle our butts in happiness in any and all situations! To always remain pawsitive! She is loved by everyone, and loves everyone. Like Rose Nyland in Golden Girls, Lilo is sincere, earnest, open (and willing) and SUPER friendly! She will capture your heart, just as Rose was the “heart” of this classic bunch!

Dorothy was a no-nonsense straight shooter. She had a witty or sarcastic comment ready for every situation, and her reactions never failed to make us laugh. Dorothy was often the most level-headed of the girls, and we all came to trust her sage advice. If the word “Sassy” comes to mind, then Dorothy and Linda are the perfect personality match! Linda having been at MHS over a year, is the longest stay Dog at our shelter; and therefore probably pretty saavy and smart with the lines herself! She knows her way around home and heart at her age, and has the attitude to stick with you to the end! You may get a lifted eyebrow or two if you do something foolish, but she’s just checking your sanity. For your own good you know.  We all know Dorothy was everyone’s favorite (whether we admit it or not), why not give in and finally take this wisdom filled classic into your home, and have a Dorothy of your own in the bunch?

Blanche was our Sassy Southern belle and resident flirt. Her confidence, passion, and outgoing personality made her an irresistible character right from the start. Ms. Devereaux was vivacious, enthusiastic, and adventurous, and she always had the best wardrobe. Sound like someone you know? Maybe someone you want to know? Here at the shelter, Nala is our beloved Blanche! Blanche is always quick to bring her beauty and wit into any conversation, Nala is no different; strutting her beautiful brindle coat and doe-y eyes on every beach she walks. Boom, Vivacious. Is it the enthusiasm and passion that draw you? Look no further than Nala’s enthusiasm for her foster family and passion for beach walk and adventure…did you say adventure? Well there you have it. Beach, hikes, walks, chillin…this lady, like miss Blanche, is our gal! Nala’s profile literally reads that she is a “sweet and sassy senior, if that’s not “so Blanche” we don’t know what is!

Sophia was the salt-of-the-earth mother figure in the group. While she was Dorothy’s mom, she loved the rest of the girls like they were her own. Sophia was known for her candid commentary, straightforward remarks, Sicilian stories, and worldly wisdom. In the end, she became like a mother to all of us. Athena is our longest stay cat, and she is the embodiment of not only her namesake, but of Sophia herself! Worldly wisdom and all, this cat is as straight forward as they come and will purrr you her stories! She is the only feline lady of the MHS Golden Girls, so I’m sure she would have a thing or two to say to get them in line (out of maternal love of course!). They don’t speak cat though, so she will have to use her feline wiles to get her way, but do so in the very best Sophia-ish manner!