Donating shares of stock is now more secure and efficient than ever. Not to mention the great tax benefits associated with this method of donation.

To facilitate a gift of stock, please fill out our secure contact form linked below. From there we will forward you the stock form to complete (either on your own or with your broker if applicable). Below the form are a list of FAQs if you have any questions around the benefits of donating stock to a charitable organization like ours! This form is completely confidential and will only be seen by you, your broker, and our charity’s broker.

Once the form is complete we will process your tax receipt and send it over for your records.

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Why Donate Stock?

You may see instant increases in your contribution and tax deduction. You can generally take a take deduction for full fare market value– this deduction may increase over 20% for both bonds and mutual funds*
*assuming all realized gains are subject to federal long-term capital gains (20%). According to Fidelity Charitable


Larger Gift = Larger Deduction

When you give stock you can potentially give more. This is because of Capital Gains. When you sell shares that have appreciated in value they are subject to capital gains taxes. Different Federal and State taxes could be depreciating the value that you get out of that stock further (potentially losing 25%-35% of the value by the time you sell).

If you donate the stock directly to a charitable organization like ours you will get a tax deduction for the full fair market value (as noted above) of the stock at the time of transfer. Meaning you don’t have all of those different chip-aways to the monetary value of that stock. In other words, the amount that would have gone to the IRS as taxes stays with the charity!


Donating Could Rebalance Your Portfolio!

It’s true! Donating stock to a charitable organization like ours in affect gives your portfolio a “health check” according to Fidelity. To maximize your portfolio’s performance you need to review your investment’s gains and losses. It is also an opportunity to look at your assets and see if you would want to contribute them to a donor-advised fund… which is another great way to benefit an organization like ours!

When you craft and enact a donation strategy for your portfolio you put those capital gains to work by funding your philanthropic efforts. Through our form we allow you to collaborate with your advisor about which assets might be best put to this use!


Still Have Questions?

If you’re still wondering how to donate stock and what the best possible way for you to give, you can contact Kathleen Hogarty at [email protected].