MHS Bad Pet Art Fundraiser is BACK and may be better or worse than ever! Our staff and volunteers are prepped with our colored pencils ready to draw a REALLY special portrait of your pet! MHS Bad Pet Art Fundraiser will launch on Thursday, February 25th through our Facebook page only. Donate a minimum of $20 to the “Donate” link that will be attached to the post, submit your photo in the comments along with your pet’s name, and VOILÀ! Your pet will be turned into a masterpiece …. or a mess by one of our artists! Will you get one of the former fine arts majors in our pool of shelter staff and volunteers, or will you get the team member who literally NO ONE wants on their Pictionary team? Who knows 🤷 Satisfaction is NOT guaranteed – but either way, it’ll be fun! Check out our Facebook page on Thursday for more details!



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