Due to the wildfire crisis, the Concert for Hope has been cancelled and refunds will be issued to all who have purchased tickets. Thank you for understanding.

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100% of proceeds go to Maui Humane Society’s Hope Fund
Tickets: $50

Oftentimes, stray and surrendered animals arrive at Maui Humane Society injured, neglected and in desperate need of veterinary care. Maui Humane Society accepts these animals with open arms and open hearts. The Hope Fund was created to give homeless animals the advanced medical attention they need in order to become healthy and get adopted. Most animal shelters only provide basic services, but Maui Humane Society goes above and beyond because every animal deserves a second chance.

The Hope Fund provides the means to support advanced lifesaving surgeries and procedures. The special part about the Hope Fund is that it is 100% donor funded. 

With our current overpopulation crisis, the Hope Fund desperately needs donations. We currently have over 30 animals on the waiting list for surgery and every day new emergency situations pop up requiring advanced care.

With your help, the Concert for Hope is aiming to raise $10,000 for the Hope Fund!

Here are just a few of our Hope Fund recipients:

She Ra

She Ra came into Maui Humane Society’s care in horrendous condition: likely hit by a car causing road rash, a broken jaw and a hole in her temple. The x-rays showed there were bullet fragments in her skull.The wound on her temple was where the bullet entered, it chipped her cheekbone, travelled through the roof of her mouth and was lodged in her shattered jaw. Maui Humane veterinarians pinned She Ra’s jaw bone back together, removed shattered teeth and staff blended her meals for special feeding. She has since made a full recovery and been adopted.

She-Ra was shot in the head. Thanks to the Hope Fund, she made a full recovery


Sweetie was surrendered, along with her siblings, due to neglect. Sweetie had been missing fur, had eye impairments and overgrown nails. The Hope Fund allowed Sweetie a second chance by removing both eyes and treating her additional issues.

Sweetie - both eyes had been removed