CONGRATULATIONS and mahalo for adopting one of Maui’s beautiful animals. You have changed their life by providing them a furever home!

We know bringing a new family member home can be hard to manage while you, your family and your new family member navigate their new surroundings.

We want to help start you off on the right paw with your new companion, so we put together a quick guide to help you with the general care of your furry friend!

When you adopted your new pet, one of our Customer Service representatives took you through a packet that included a variety of information, ranging from pet needs, behavior, health care, lost pet information, etc. Below will provide you additional access to that information, in case it was misplaced.

Top 3 things you should do once you bring your pet home:

Maui Humane Society/Pethub New License for Renewal 2023-2024

Make sure your pet is wearing identification at all times. ID tags are only as helpful as the info that is on them.

Expired 2021-2022 tag (star shaped)

If you need to renew your license, look no further!

Registering your pet’s microchip and up-to-date photos on multiple websites will ensure your pet will be reunited with you.

When you adopted from MHS, you were automatically added to the 24 Hour PetWatch system. Please ensure your information is up to date.

Within 7 days of adoption from MHS, make an appointment with one of our reputable vet clinics for a free health exam!

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