Most people think they want to adopt a puppy. Puppies are cute and amazing and all, but what many don’t realize is that all the things they want in a furry companion might actually be more characteristic of slightly older dogs. 

So you want a chill, sweet, cuddly companion who is a huge people person, loves the beach, and knows how to kick it on the couch with you too? Well, that’s Nahele! 

She’s more human than dog, loves to play dress up and get her belly rubbed, walks great on a leash, and has just the right amount of energy to be moderately active outdoors, making her the perfect pet for a wide variety of ages and mobility levels. Got a cool human kid of your own? Nahele can handle toddlers, 10-year-olds, teens, you name it! 

Check out all the footage of Nahele and book an appointment to come meet her today!

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