We need your help to see Penny the Pig fly!

Penny the Pig has been with MHS since September 19th. Our HEO officers had responded to a dog call, where they saw Penny tied up to a cage and suffering. Penny had been used as dog bait and only let out of the cage when the dogs were ready to practice attacking her. Her ear was dangling off her head and that’s when HEO decided to seize Penny.

MHS is available to investigate reports of cruelty and inhumane treatment, which is why our HEO officers seized Penny from an inhumane situation. We immediately took Penny into our care to stop her suffering by removing her ear.

We looked for alternative living arrangements, but we could not find a home for her here on Maui. We are grateful for The Three Ring Exotic Animal Sanctuary, Hawaii’s only fully-accredited, USDA licensed, exotic animal sanctuary on the Big Island, for taking Penny.

But we need your help in order to get her there!

We are hoping to fly Penny in a chartered flight. Once she arrives on Big Island, she will be spayed. She will then live happily ever after with 15 other pigs in her new, vegan home.

MHS encourages the community to call if there is an animal suffering or in distress. Our mission is to reduce animal suffering. If you see animal cruelty or inhumane actions, please report an incident.