Mahalo for choosing to adopt a shelter animal!


  1. Learn about our Adoption Process, rates and current specials.
  2. View available animals listed on this page to identify a pet that you are interested in adding to your ohana.
  3. Adoption appointments are no longer necessary, starting November 1, 2021. After looking at the website, please arrive at the shelter between 11-4pm to see the animals currently available for adoption.
  4. For animals in foster (red “Foster Home” banner across the top of the image), please call (808) 877-3680 ext. 3 during office hours to ensure the animal will be here for your visit.


What is SOS Foster?

When the space in our shelter becomes limited due to the high population of animals, we urgently need the community to open their hearts and homes to relieve the animals of shelter life and to open up space for new animals who need to be at the shelter.

Additional SOS Foster FAQ's

What’s SOS Foster vs. Regular Foster?
For SOS Foster, we need to move the population of animals, so we require no training. We will pair you with a dog or cat that matches your lifestyle. 

Why is it urgent?
High population = High stress. Many animals in the shelter start to show signs of mental decline. It means they need to be removed from the stressors of the shelter (at least for a temporary period). Mental decline can quickly lead to undesired behavior issues.

I’ve never fostered before. I don’t think I can help.
Now is the PERFECT time to dip your toe into fostering! These animals need you; we need you! You don’t need any training and we’ll set you up with the necessities (like food, meds, collar and leash) to get you started!

Who is available to foster?
Any person that wants to foster, can! Any animal you see on our website during SOS Foster, is available to go home with you today!

Use the icon menu to filter by species and tap any animal’s photo to learn more about them. If you have additional questions about any of our adoptable animals, please call during operating hours, or email

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