September Match Campaign - double your donation this September

Maui Humane Society is announcing a $15,000 matching gift opportunity! During the month of September, your gift can have DOUBLE the impact! By donating once today, you’ll save twice the lives. Over 4,900 animals per year step paws through our doors. Your donation DOUBLES to give food, shelter, urgent medical care and love to the animals that need it most, like Matty, Charley, Java Chip and Madeline!

Matty was found in a Target shopping cart one night. Matty was a prisoner in his own body due to severe matting of his hair.


Charley was born without a paw, but was otherwise a very happy puppy! His disability never stopped him, but when the prospect for a prosthetic was on the horizon, he RAN at the opportunity!

Barely 7 weeks old, Java Chip was brought to us barely weighing a pound, eyes crusted shut, infested with fleas, injured, cold and hungry. Java Chip was in dire need of help.

Madeline was only 4 months old when she was found wandering around Kahului. Her skin was painfully raw and sunburned, was extremely dehydrated, emaciated and in need of immediate care.