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01.30.21 MHS will be reopening for appointments and surgery starting on Monday, Feb. 1st at 11:00 am. All quarantined staff have been cleared to come back to work by the Department of Health. Please do not come to the shelter without an appointment. We will continue to restrict public entry into the shelter. Appointments can be made by calling 877-3680 ext. 3 Monday – Saturday 11am-4pm.

01.28.21 Our staff remain in quarantine. If you wish to surrender an animal, please call to make an appointment to discuss next steps. Our customer service is experiencing heavy call volume. We appreciate your understanding during this time.

01.25.21 All potentially exposed staff tested negative. In order to continue to keep staff safe, the shelter has been deep cleaned. We continue to follow Department of Health guidelines with many of our staff quarantined. We appreciate your patience as we will be closed to the public through 1/31 for public services. If this is an emergency, Humane Enforcement will respond, 24/7. 808-877-3680 ext. 211

01.24.21 Maui Humane Society will be closed for public appointments (including adoptions, viewing of animals and license renewals) from January 25 – 31, 2021 due to COVID+ exposure.

There was limited but direct exposure to staff. Those who were directly exposed have been advised and are undergoing COVID testing while following the Department of Health’s mandate to quarantine. We will be conducting a deep cleaning of the entire shelter during this week and we ask volunteers to refrain from volunteering until further notice. The health and safety of our staff and community is our top priority.

There will be no public access into MHS at this time. Veterinary services scheduled this week will be cancelled, including owned animal spay/neuter, community cat spay/neuter and adoption recheck appointments. We kindly ask the public to postpone trapping cats this week.

Customer Service Representatives will be available by phone and email, however due to the increase in call volume and reduction in staff you may be required to leave a message. We will be returning calls in order of priority and will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

MHS Humane Enforcement is available 24/7 for emergencies and can be reached at 877-3680 ext. 211.

Services Unavailable:

  • Adoption Appointments
  • Spay/Neuter Appointments
  • Cat Trap Rentals
  • License Renewals
  • Cremation Pickup
  • Appointments to View Available Animals
  • Adoption Recheck Appointments
  • Volunteer Training/Volunteering

Services Available by Appointment: (outdoors only)

  • 4EverPets Food Pickup (must stay in your vehicle)
  • Foster Animal Drop Off/Pick Up (at side gate)
  • Drop Off Deceased Animal
  • Drop Off Stray Animal
  • Virtual Adoption Appointments

We will continue to advise the public on the status of services offered as the situation progresses.


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