Mentorship at Maui Humane Society


Maui Humane Society’s Mentorship Program is a unique opportunity for Maui’s exceptional youth to work alongside MHS to make a positive impact on our community and in the lives of Maui’s animals. This program is designed for young people grades 9-12 who would like to complete specific projects that require guidance or oversight from a representative of Maui Humane Society. Examples of students who would join the Mentorship Program include:


  • Those completing their Senior Project
  • Anybody in this age group who has a great idea for a community service/ advocacy project and would like assistance from the Maui Humane Society in realizing that project

Mentorship Program students are pro-active, independent and act on their own initiative. Our students already have reasonably clear intentions and would like Maui Humane Society to function as a resource to help them meet their project goals. If accepted into the program, Maui Humane Society will provide you with a mentor who will work with you personally to:

  • Provide you with information and resources
  • Help you to define a course of action to meet your goal
  • Meet with you as needed through the completion of your project
  • Collaborate with your counselor or educator as necessary to clarify your project’s parameters
  • Act as your liaison to MHS staff should you require additional training or volunteer hours, and/or if your project requires their assistance or accommodation (as with on-site volunteer projects)

In exchange for providing resources and direction, we ask that our mentorship students complete a minimum 35 hours of volunteer service over the course of the mentorship year in order to satisfy their commitment to the organization. We also ask that all our mentorship students complete at least 15 hours of your 35 hour minimum as an Animal Camp Assistant during a school break. You can learn more about Animal Camp here.




In order to give our mentorship students the attention they deserve, we can only accept a very limited number of applicants. In order to be considered, each applicant must:

  • Complete an Application Form
  • Provide copies of any and all material provided by instructors or counselors (if the project is assigned)
  • Submit a project proposal (see the our application form for detailed instructions)
  • Meetings and commitments are on-site at Maui Humane Society, so we ask that you have a reliable method of transportation to and from our shelter on those days.


Helpful tips for preparing your mentorship application:



Before you apply, take some time to learn as much as you can about Maui Humane Society, open admission shelters and animal welfare in general. This will help you to determine whether MHS is a good fit for your project’s needs before you even apply!

  • Visit the Maui Humane Society website, and Facebook page.Our Facebook page has a lot of great videos that highlight the great things going on at MHS. Read through our website to familiarize yourself with the services we offer to your community.
  • Visit the shelter. Can you see yourself spending a lot of time here? Ask the staff questions and of course, say hello to the shelter animals you want to help!
  • Sign up for a Volunteer introduction. Our volunteer orientation is a great starting point for anyone who is interested in learning more about Maui Humane Society and what we do. Our volunteer coordinator will also take you on a brief guided tour and go over some of the ways you can help.



Our mentorship program fills up quickly. If you are applying for a school project, please try to apply to our mentorship program as soon as you receive your assignment. The more notice you give us, the more likely we will be able to accommodate you!



Our mentorship program is designed to foster future leaders and animal advocates in our community. Be brave- be willing to accept challenges, grow, and work outside of your comfort zone. Think of your mentorship as an opportunity to show yourself and your community what you are capable of, all while making an effort to improve quality of life for the pets in your community!

Need to know more? Call (808) 877-3680 ext 233 or email [email protected]