Kale: Beach buddy to forever buddy!

Kale with his new mom
This Shelter Tails Tuesday we have a heartwarming journey of adoption to share. Kale came into Maui Humane Society’s care as a stray in January. He was found running around and was absolutely terrified. Our Humane Enforcement officers were able to safely retrieve him and bring him to the shelter. It took a few days for Kale to decompress and understand that he was finally safe. We didn’t know anything about his past, but we quickly learned that he did not like being in a kennel environment. Staff and volunteers worked patiently to gain his trust, understand his needs and provide daily enrichment. He spent some time in foster homes and in staff offices. He spent LOTS of his time on Beach Buddies! On Beach Buddies is where he met his new Ohana! After an amazing day having fun in the Maui sun it was clear he found his new mom and dad. Before we knew it Kale was on a plane to meet his new parents at his new home.
We received adoption updates as soon as Kale landed to his new home. Kale now goes by Kade and he has his very own Instagram page! You can keep up with Kade and his adventures on Instagram @kadethedoggo .

Kahiau the Hawaiian speaking dog

Kahiau, the Hawaiian Speaking dog, had quite the journey before coming to us. He was stressed in the kennels and needed to be fostered or adopted ASAP for his happiness. One of our dedicated volunteers and fosters took him home as soon as we put out the plea as a SOS foster, and found his forever home within 24 hours! Kahiau now goes by “Quinn”

All of our animals need advocates like this from our community to thrive and find their forever homes. Here is what his foster-mom-for-a-day Madir sent us about his successful (and quick) journey to happiness!

“Kahiau, now Quinn, has been adopted by friends of our that saw my post on FB and fell in love with him right there and then! Their pitty died recently, they had decided to wait before adopting again due to travel plans, but then they saw the picture and couldn’t resist that soulful face.

They messaged me with “…can we meet him today?”

We brought Kahiau to their home ….

Well, they absolutely loved him and were ready to keep him right then and there! I had to explain that first they need to finalize the adoption… They almost cried with joy!!

Just an hour ago (On Sunday March 12th) the adoption was finalized. Kahiau will have a fenced little park all to himself!

I am so over the moon happy! I’d like to add that Kahiau has been the perfect guest, he is utterly affectionate, patiently let us bathe him and tend, daily, to his wounded paw.

He is calm and a couch potato at home.

He walks perfectly on the leash, he is not a barker, he met my cats and was very gentle and polite with them, he met my previous fosters the Chihuahua puppies and their Chihuahua older brother and, same, he was gentle and polite.

This pup is a score!”

Congrats to Quinn’s new family! MAHALO to Madir, and all of our volunteers and fosters, for being advocates for our animals! We could not do this without you!

Timber & Lake

Timber & Lake on the news

Some of you may remember our special needs kittens Timber & Lake from our 12 days of Christmas special. Their story starts in October of 2022. Timber was found as a stray in Hana. As our staff was preparing to leave one of our 4EverPets pop up clinics a community member rushed Timber over to us just in time. He was found under a pile of wood in need of obvious medical attention. He made his journey from Hana to our shelter. 1 day later is where Lake comes into the picture. Lake was found stray and alone in Lahaina, a member of the community brought him to the shelter where he could get cleaned up and put up for adoption. Timber & Lake were both a little too young for adoption so they went into foster together, and that’s where they created a bond like no other. Lake was a fairly healthy kitten but Timber showed mobility issues due to a suspected brain trauma, he relied heavily on Lake to learn coordination skills and generally “how to be a cat.” It was clear then that Timber needed Lake. The two were a bonded pair.

After a couple months in foster the two were finally ready for adoption! They waited 2 months in the shelter before they went into a trial adoption that didn’t end up working out (that’s ok!). In February they flew on our Wings of Aloha program to the mainland, and soon enough the two were on a plane to start their new lives together! It didn’t take long for Timber & Lake to make an impression at their new shelter. They were even featured on the local news channel! Watch Timber & Lake on the news here: https://www.q13fox.com/video/1185975 . After their silver-screen debut, they found their forever homes! We received this adoption update from their new Ohana!

“Hi, they are doing wonderfully. Lake is super playful but a major cuddle bug. Timber is getting to know the layout of downstairs. They both sleep in my room. Timber likes to sleep on the floor next to me. They are both napping now. They have eaten very well and used the litter box like pros. I’m working on getting a vet exam soon and purchasing health insurance for them. I got a baby gate for timber and a carrying sling for bonding and to carry him. I got a big rug for downstairs so he has something to hang on to. We love them so much. During the day my 16 yr old is home so timber won’t be alone and he can be monitored. Everything is great.” We couldn’t be happier for Timber & Lake!

Hank’s journey from Maui to Wisconsin

Hank made the journey from the sandy beaches of Maui to the snowy hills of Wisconsin! Hank went into a Paws To Adopt (PTA) trial and his PTA family had some other family members visiting Maui. The visitors fell in love and knew they wanted to bring Hank back home with them! We assisted in the process and soon Hank got on a plane and headed to his new life! We are happy to report thank Hank adjusted to the snow and didn’t seem to mind the change in weather! He’s been spending his days playing in the snow with his doggy friends and lives on a couple acres along Lake Michigan, lots of room to run around in. Happy Tails to Hank and his new Ohana!

Our dog population is currently near max capacity and continues to rise daily. We are committed to getting dogs out of the shelter and into homes with our Paws To Adopt program (like Hank), Beach Buddies, Foster program and Dog On Demand. If you take a dog out for Beach Buddies or Dog on Demand we will work with you to bring your beach buddy home with you! Maui Humane Society specializes in off-island adoptions. We want to make the process go as smoothly and quickly and possible, so that you can bring a piece of Maui home with you and that our animals will have a home that they are loved in.

Adeline & Madeline 

Madeline was only 4 months old when she was found wandering around Kahului. Her skin was painfully raw and sunburned with only sparse hair on her body to provide protection. She was extremely dehydrated, underweight and in need of immediate care. Thanks to your support, our veterinary team was able to diagnose and begin treating Madeline for a parasitic skin condition, heal the open wounds on her ears from fly strikes and provide relief for her blistering skin.

But Madeline wasn’t the only one found in such horrible conditions, one week earlier her Sister Adeline was found in the same area! Luckily, the same foster family who had Adeline, took Madeline in with open arms and hearts. We were so happy they were able to heal in a home, together!

Over the next six weeks, Adeline & Madeline received medicated baths and extra TLC as they both gained weight in their shared foster home. As the broken skin began to heal, fuzzy hair started to grow back! They both started looking (and feeling) like a healthy puppy in no time.

Last year, Maui Humane Society performed 2,559 medical procedures on 963 sick and injured shelter animals who needed medical care above and beyond what is typical for a shelter. It was only possible thanks to animal lovers like you!

Run Charley, Run!

September 13th, 2022

This week we explore our 2nd success story from our September Match Campaign! Charley formerly known as “Colton” arrived at Maui Humane Society with his littermates. Unfortunately, they were all in poor condition with parasites and skin problems. Sweet baby Colton sported an abnormally short leg with no foot, but that didn’t stop him from being the happiest little pup that ever was!

He immediately stole the hearts of all the staff with his silly, charming and fighting spirit. It was no surprise that he also stole the heart of his now mom! He is now in his forever home with his doggy sister Lucy, and has been renamed Charley! Due to the generosity of our community, Charley was able to receive prosthetic for his leg and now runs like the wind with his friends at the park, and LOVES going on hikes with his sister!

His mom reports that now that he knows his prosthetic, he LOVES chasing the ball and other dogs! He used to get disheartened because he couldn’t keep up with this friends at the dog park, but now he can keep up with the best of ’em! His other “loves” include: saying hi to people on walks, doing anything outdoors, TREATS, his prosthetic and the vet Dr. Jake Brown who fitted him with it! He still has his “Charley-isms”, like waving his shortened leg when his prosthetic is off, which his mom absolutely adores.

Litters of puppies coming in to Maui Humane Society with slews of medical needs is not uncommon, just like with Charley’s litter. Over the course of a year, we care for more than 4,400 animals all with various individual needs. With higher numbers of animals being surrendered and abandoned, there are even more lives to save and we can’t do it alone. Any gift you give will help vulnerable cats and dogs.

Matty & Abandoned

September 6th, 2022

Matty was found huddled in a corner of a shopping cart with wild, scared eyes that were barely visible due to the severe matting of his hair. Thick tangles and knots encased his face and legs making it painful for him to move or even open his mouth. Matty was a prisoner in his own body. The employee who found him placed him in a box and brought him to the shelter in the morning. Maui Humane Society was this little dog’s only chance for help. 

With the support of community funded programs, our veterinary team went straight to work carefully shaving the heavy clumps of fur. Almost a pound of matted hair was removed, and 22 teeth extracted to treat his severe dental disease. Matty was finally free and there was an immediate sparkle in his eyes as he began to rediscover a world without pain!

Matty looked like a little lamb and it was love at first sight for his adopter who had coincidentally worked at the shelter in the past! Matty fit in perfectly with his new fur-siblings and has been enjoying digging holes at the beach and going for walks. Matty’s transformation and second chance was only possible because of donations from the community, and friends like you! 

Josie The Diva Dog

August 30, 2022

This week  we want to celebrate the little old ladies that make our world go around (them) 😘
Josie was surrendered at age 13.5 to Maui Humane Society last summer. She is completely blind, suffering from severe bilateral cataracts. Thanks to Grey Muzzle Organization, Josie received a much needed dental with four extractions. Josie has such a positive spirit, and so much energy, that it was no surprise that there were no problems with her surgery.
Josie has since been adopted by a senior dog lover and caretaker. She is spoiled like the star she is, and can regularly be seen riding in her wagon with her fellow packmates whenever she takes her human on a walk! She commands everyone’s attention in her presence, throwing her head back and barking until she is doted on. Such a diva….but we love em’ right?
The Grey Muzzle Grant allows us to help dogs like Josie! Together with Grey
Muzzle, we’re leading the way to save and improve the lives of senior dogs nationwide. 
Senior dogs are the perfect match for someone looking to slow life down from the hustle and bustle. They believe in mutual “doting” and love to just hang out and pay attention solely to you and your relationship, and then take a nap…. If that sound like everything you want in a companion, check out our “certified seniors” on our adoptions page!

Zoey, the miracle puppy!

August 22, 2022

The story of Zoey and her fight for survival and zest for life at the end of a very dark and scary tunnel, is the story we all need right now! It is one of courage, and also perseverance on the part of our dedicated staff.

We recommend watching with sound on, and want to mention that some content may be triggering to some audiences.

Unfortunately, cases like Zoey’s do happen. We are so grateful to donors who make medical cases like Zoey’s successful, through our Hope Fund. Zoey would not have pulled through if it were not for Dr. Fitz going above and beyond for her care; or without the unyielding support of shelter vet staff, animal care and HEO teams. Accidents can occur.

If you think your pet has been exposed to a potentially toxic substance, take these steps immediately:

1. Call your Veterinarian

2. Call Pet Poison Helpline: https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control

We are happy to report that Zoey flew to LA through our Wings of Aloha program, and has been adopted by her forever family! The Wings of Aloha program is made possible by Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation, Maui Humane Society is deeply grateful to the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation for its generous support of our organization and commitment to improving the lives of Maui’s dogs and cats.

How It Started & How It’s Going

August 16th, 2022

It takes a village sometimes doesn’t it? Especially in Animal Welfare, where we see hundreds of animals come through our doors, each with a different story and different needs. For this week’s “Sheltertail” we wanted to throw some love and appreciation to our Maui Humane Society Ohana, especially our Foster Team & Vet Staff. They come together every single day to give those that set paws through our doors the best chances of an even better life!
Carrie, one of our Customer Service Representatives had a Foster “success” (as we like to call it), and wrote not only an update on her Foster Kitten, Koa Bear , but a letter of appreciation for our Foster Team & Vet Staff too 💙
“Dear Foster and Vet Staff Team, 
I was blown away by the comparison of these two photos of Koa Bear, which I fostered and then adopted a bit later. The kitten photo is from May 3rd, his first foster photo at home and the latter is from Aug 3rd – only 3 months apart! 
When looking at these two photos, I couldn’t help but to think and be in awe of the incredible team commitment it takes to get not only this kitty, but all the kitties that come to us and go through the foster program; how it truly takes a village to raise these babies into health. 
Since I’m a visual person, it really, for the first time, put into perspective for me how amazing our foster program is, all its members as well as the vet staff team that continuously assisted Koa with his URI issues at the beginning; as well as Dr Kim for the removal of his umbilical hernia during his neuter. 
I wanted to send you guys a sincere Mahalo Nui Loa for all your help, assistance in allowing/trusting me to foster this guy – it wasn’t my intention to keep him, but I’m so glad I did (along with his other two siblings). But I feel like if you ask the Universe for one cat, and it gives you 3 – then LIFE IS GOOD!!
Again, I cannot thank all of you enough for your continuous help, advice, assistance and continued patience with me with all my questions and texts to the foster phone – you are all truly amazing humans, and I feel honored to be part of this team! 
Nothing but love for all of you!
Mahalo Carrie for the “foster success” turned ADOPTION update & for caring for Koa Bear and his siblings!

Small But Mighty

August 9, 2022

This week: A story of a small and mighty Pomeranian, overcoming disaster with the love of her human.

A man rushed into Maui Humane Society carrying a Pomeranian who was in need of emergency attention. He explained that he had found his dog, Chloe, with severe trauma to her eye while on his lunch break. He surmised that another dog had attacked her over food. Not knowing what else to do, he rushed her to Maui Humane Society. It was clear that he loved 12 year old Chloe and did not want to lose her.  He pleaded with our staff for help and an employee quickly went to explain the situation to our Veterinarian.

Upon examination, our vet determined that Chloe suffered trauma and hemorrhaging in her right eye, had an old fracture along her jaw and severe dental disease with many missing teeth. A plan immediately went into effect for an eye enucleation, wiring of her unstable jaw, 6 teeth extractions and a dental. Sweet Chloe spent three days in our veterinary hospital recovering and receiving pain medication post-surgery.

On the  third day, our staff called the owner to give him the great news that he could come and pick up Chloe! He raced to the shelter and was ecstatic to have Chloe back in his arms. Chloe’s treatment and care were made possible by our Access to Care program funded in part by a grant from PetSmart Charities. Mahalo PetSmart Charities for funding the medical care she needed to keep her in her loving home, where she belongs!

Chloe with her human
Chloe 2

Samson may have lost some hair, but not heart 

August 2, 2022

Samson came to Maui Humane Society being both golden in years and in heart… and with a severely infected ear! Samson has always been a happy boy, so this previously tiny (but still adorably flappy) ear being a little more puffy than usual did not dampen his spirit one bit. Samson was able to get the care he needed thanks to our Hope Fund, which is completely donor funded.
The Hope Fund ensures that we are able to go above and beyond in instances that require a little more TLC for animals in need. After his ear was properly attended to and drained, his head around the ear was shaved to allow for proper clean and proper healing. Unlike the biblical version, our Samson did not lose his strength after a little loss of hair! Not only did that ear again become its cute tiny self, but his hair grew back and and quickly went back to stealing hearts on beach buddies while in shelter. He was even lucky enough to catch the eye of a foster family, who generously donated their love, time and couch to his recovery.
Samson is now ready to find a home of is own! That’s right, the mighty Samson is in need of someone to share his abundance of love with. So if you need someone to lend an ear, or a heart, or a wet nose; look no further!

Meant To Be From Across The Sea

July 19, 2022

This week on Shelter Tuesday we wanted to share a pupdate from an adorable pair, who were meant to be from across the sea! Chico came to us as a 12 year old senior with skin and dental issues last summer. He received the medical treatment and grooming he needed before Yesenia saw him on our website. She called to adopt him right away, and flew herself all the way to Maui from LA to bring him home! We received a loving pupdate on Chico’s one year adoptiversary. We hope you enjoy his story!

“June 14th 2022 marks one year of having him (Chico) at my side. I renamed him, DublinKapule. Dublin is where my husband and I were engaged and Kapule because he was an answered prayer. We absolutely adore him. He has skin allergies, but he gets monthly injections. He now weighs 25lbs and doctor said he doesn’t act his age! He’s very rambunctious and makes us laugh! I wanted to tell you all how much I appreciated the experience of adopting DublinKapule. Everything from the application process, to the recommendations on airlines and local hotels that are dog friendly. I became a monthly donor because of my amazing experience. Thank all again so much for all you do. You are all genuine! I love my poi dog!”

We love uniting pets with loving forever homes and Ohana’s. Whether you live up the street or across the sea -if it’s love at first sight with one of our shelter dogs or cats, we strive to do whatever we can to make adoptions happen! This sweet senior’s story is one of hope and true love. We could not be happier for DublinKapule and his family!

Pictured: Chico’s photo on our website that caused 😍, Looking dapper for his flight home from Maui after getting adopted, the embarrassing Christmas photo that he hates, and we LOVE!

Mahalo Yesenia for adopting, sharing your love story, and for supporting Maui Humane Society!

DublinKapule Xmas
Chico MHS adoption photo
ready to fly to LA from Maui!

The Walmart Kitten : An Epic Journey

July 12, 2022

Walmart Kitten 1

This week, on Shelter Tail Tuesday we want to share this heartwarming, wonderfully animated story from the perspective of a fearless and enthusiastic kitten rescue warrior, from last kitten season! Kaitlyn and Moani were the Humane Enforcement Officers called to the front, embarking on this epic journey through the Walmart parking lot…. we hope you enjoy this unabridged edition of : The Walmart Kitten

“Story time. My husband and I pull into Walmart on Maui. Moments after exiting our car I hear a kitten meowing. Scott doesn’t hear it at first. I know I’m not crazy and about 2 rows over, as we are walking inside, I spot a tiny, dilute calico kitten sitting in the grill of a car and screaming its little head off. My attempts to coax it out are declined as it retreats and hisses at me.

Scott grabs the cat carrier that is conveniently in the car and goes inside to buy some wet cat food while I continue to try to get the kitten. At one point it drops below the car and we play slow chase as it moves from one car to another and I try to keep it from dashing into the parking lot.

Climbing up onto a tire, still meowing, it freezes for a brief moment and I snatch it. Biting, hissing, and clawing – it is not happy but then stops fighting. I stick it in the carrier… and don’t realize the second door, which looks closed, is not zipped and is open on the other side. It dashes out the other side. #fleetingsuccess

Now it climbs into the wheel well of a Lexus. I’ve drawn lots of public attention now, as I’ve moved from car to car on my knees making pss pss sounds. Am I okay? A few people stop. One man offers help. We each go to a side and reaching our hands in miss the kitten several times. Eventually, the owner of the car comes out and after explaining what is happening, he pops the hood. Kitten has become quite scared, meowing much less, and moving around a lot less, centering itself in the center out of reach.

Jump forward an hour from the start of all this, Maui Humane Society arrives (a couple humane officers). Another hour or so of playing kitten calls on a phone and camera scoping the engine compartment and one of the officers strikes their hand in catching the kitten at an awkward angle. Ten more minutes of shifting the kitten around while it bites at her and the other officer trying from beneath the car to get a better angle/grasp and they emerge victorious!!!! Lots of clapping, various people recording at this point, and lots of cheering as they get it into a carrier!

Thanks a million to the people who stopped to help, the extremely patient owner of the Lexus, and the two fantastic Maui Humane Society officers for all the efforts! #success #whenihearakitten

I should add, also a very patient husband, who humored and aided my saving attempts! Love you babe! #hegetsit

In my excitement, I failed to get a picture of the adorable kitten!”

Our HEO Kaitlyn remembers this event with fondness, and referred to the kitten as playing “hot potato” from car to car before choosing the Lexus to make her final stand. As a team, the rescuer, Kaitlyn and Moani were able to fish out the kitten from the Lexus. Any guesses on what they named the kitten afterward? *Drum-roll please* … LEXUS!

Don’t worry, we got pictures of cute little Lexus as she arrived at MHS, she was adopted shortly after becoming available, last year! Mahalo to ALL of the selfless Walmart parking lot kitten rescue warriors & our helpful HEO’s

Walmart Kitten 2

Taking it by Storm(y)

June 28, 2022

Stormy’s owner came to Maui Humane Society to seek assistance for his young pup, who had a belly full of something she thought was very tasty at the time…but turned into a large ball of Gorilla Glue! The large mass of glue filled almost her entire stomach, and weighed one pound! Knowing that Stormy was in danger, Stormy’s owner surrendered her to Maui Humane Society, as this was his only means of getting Stormy the life saving surgery she needed. But, we knew the best path for Stormy was to get fixed up and back to her loving home.

The life saving service provided to Stormy by our Vet Staff was made possible in part by a grant from PetSmart Charities, whose funds go directly toward helping pets and those who love them through our Access to Care program! The surgery was a great success, and Stormy was reunited with her loving owner.

Sometimes there is a story that touches more than one heart, and in the case of Stormy, a surgery that required more than one helping hand to make it a success. Not only was her stomach relieved of its gorilla glue ball, but Stormy was also spayed; further establishing her continued health and longevity with her loving human.

Mahalo to Dogs Trust USA for funding access to care and spay/neuter services for our community’s dogs! Their support allows us to reach the animals and owners that need us most. We’ve been able to perform 225 free/subsidized surgeries this year!

Stormy, her human and Maui Humane Society are forever grateful to all the helping hands that help us help our community and their animals through our  Access to Care program and spay and neuter services!

Stormy's XRay

Linda is Pawsome

June 21, 2022

Linda came to us as a stray in December last year, riddled with skin issues, lumps and bumps, and 1 broken heart. No one came to claim this sweet certified-senior nugget, but she wasted no time wiggling her booty into all the staff’s hearts! During her stay with us all her lumps and bumps were successfully removed, skin issues were resolved, but her heart still needs to find a safe place to call home.

If you ask any of our staff, they can tell you that she is by far a staff favorite, and that it is completely absurd that she hasn’t been adopted yet! She became quite the established Beach Buddy before she found a foster home. Maybe fate is waiting for her perfect match, but we hope she finds it soon! She is so deserving of her very own Ohana, and has waited so patiently. Could you be the happy ending to this girl’s story?

Lovable & adorable things Linda excels at:

  1. Rolling around on grass, sand, in your car and especially on your heart…..
  2. Drinking from a water bottle stream aka “waterfalling” like a pro, it’s her party trick claim to fame folks!
  3. Dressing up! Linda is all about “the look.” Whether it be sunglasses, leis, or hats! Anything goes, and Linda is ALWAYS down to make a good impression.
  4. Having the maturity and sense of a senior, with the playfulness and spunk of a younger pup if the adventure calls for it!
  5. Being wherever you are, couch not excluded… girl enjoys the slower things in life if that’s what you enjoy!

Don’t take our word for it, watch the video of Linda trekking around Maui with 2 of her favorite shelter staff members, and stealing hearts as she goes! Linda is currently in Foster, so if you think she could be the one, give us a call and schedule a time to meet her! Believe us, she has been waiting for you. We hope to be posting here about her adoption pup-date SOON…. Please adopt Linda!

Linda Rolling on the sand
Rafiki says "I do" to furever
Ariel, Rafiki & Andy

Rafiki says “I do” to furever

June 14, 2022

Ariel and her fiancée Andy saw Rafiki at Maui Humane Society when they were here on vacation from Washington in 2019. He’d been surrendered, returned twice from potential adopters, and couldn’t seem to find the right place to call home. Rafiki flew to Seattle Humane Society on our Wings of Aloha Program, which is when Robin, a long time supporter of Maui Humane Society, learned about his travels. She immediately informed her daughter Ariel, who had fallen in love with Rafiki while on her vacation. Ariel and Andy ran down to Seattle Humane Society and filled out the adoption papers, before Rafiki stepped a paw into Washington! As soon as Rafiki arrived, they picked him up, and helped him through his insecurities, building confidence with each treat. Eventually he learned to trust his new, loving and patient Ohana! Here’s what Ariel has to say about Rafiki:

“We brought him home on January 18th, 2019 and it was the best decision ever! He is the sweetest, smartest, most loving boy, and has really come so so far in the time we have had him. When we first adopted him, he was scared of literally everything, and really struggled when being left home alone. Fast forward 3+ years, and he is a totally different dog! He is super playful, still scared of some things (but not nearly as much!), and can totally be left home without mom and dad. He loves going for walks and hikes with his parents, playing tug-o-war, and sleeping right in-between mom and dad in their bed when they let him in!

He recently became a big brother to his cat sister Muffy, who we adopted from the Maui Humane Society last June. Rafiki adores his sister Muffy, and they are truly best friends! We can’t imagine life without our fur children, and we love them both to pieces!”

Rafiki was a part of Ariel & Andy’s special day in early May, of this year and said “I do” right along with his amazing pawents, to furever. Congratulations to Ariel, Andy, Rafiki & Muffy on a happy life all together!


Fostering Saves Lives: Honey-Girl and Jim’s Journey

April 8, 2022

Meet Honey Girl! Honey Girl came to us a month ago in rough shape- she was hungry, nervous and it was clear she had not been given the love she deserved. Despite that, she was as sweet as her name! She slowly started coming out of her shell here at the shelter until Jim decided he would take a chance on her! Jim fostered her for a week and completely fell in love! “I don’t want to jinx it, but she is the best foster I have ever had!”

Jim helped us learn so much about how amazing Honey Girl is in a home! She is playful, smart, a little cheeky and a quick learner! She is crate trained and will go there when she knows she has been mischievous (who can blame her for wanting to taste test table food!). Honey Girl will soon be flying with our Wings Of Aloha Program. Jim not only gave Honey Girl a much needed break from the shelter, he provided in depth information to share with our transfer partner. This will help Honey Girl find her furever home!

Mahalo Jim for caring for Honey Girl and finally giving her the love she deserves! If you are interested in joining our foster family, please click here Foster Program – Maui Humane Society

Honey Girl and Jim

From Paralyzed to Purrrfect: Luisa Madrigal

March 25, 2022

Finding a cat laying in your yard, unable to move is a frightening experience. Thanks to a Lahaina resident’s action, this beautiful kitty was brought to us for the care she so desperately needed.

Dr. Fitzpatrick wasn’t 100% sure this 2 year old kitty was going to make it, but she knew we had to try to save her.

If only animals could talk, we would be able to ask her what had happened to cause her to be paralyzed. There was no physical trauma or obvious symptoms to explain what was happening to her.

Thanks to the “Hope Fund” our vet staff performed various treatments to test a range of possible causes: to offer her the best chance at survival.

Day after day, she became stronger and stronger. Which is how she came to be named Luisa Madrigal, after the popular character in the film Encanto; famous for her incredible strength.

While she was clearly out of the woods, Luisa Madrigal still had a ways to go. Thanks to our Volunteer Program, we were able to send her home with foster extraordinaire, Robin, to continue her progress in a stress-free environment. And boy did she!

Here’s the an update from Luisa’s Foster mom, Robin:

“Luisa was picked up as a stray, so her background is unknown. After fostering her for a few weeks it’s clear that she’s had a family. She is friendly, but independent. She is super low key, very chill. Her favorite activity is long cozy naps. She doesn’t have much interest in toys, but she is always up to have her chin and cheeks rubbed or the base of her tail scratched.

She has a very quiet purr, but if you listen closely you can hear her happiness. She enjoys her wet food, but pretty much ignores her kibbles. She has been in my house with my senior, small dog, she will hiss at him occasionally, but they pretty much just ignore each other.

Luisa is such a sweet gal, I think she will blossom with her new family that gives her time to acquaint herself and get comfortable with her surroundings.”

Just one month after first meeting this strong survivor, Luisa Madrigal has completely bounced back and is finally ready to find her happily ever after! If you think you might like to meet this amazing lady, please stop by the shelter today!

If you’d like to make an immeasurable impact on a shelter animal and help save more lives, please consider joining our Foster Team, or donating to our Hope Fund! Thanks to kind folks like YOU, these life-saving outcomes are possible each and every day! ❤️

Dusty: From Spay to Life-Saving Surgery

January 21, 2022

Dusty was dying on the table during her spay surgery. Dr. Gaines & Dr. KTK realized that her diaphragm, which is supposed to separate the chest from the belly, had a hole in it, so they launched an emergency surgery. (This is called a diaphragmatic hernia.) They saw that her liver & intestines were in her chest, compressing her lungs. The doctors were able to close the hole of the diaphragm and placed her internal organs where they belong! With such a major surgery, they weren’t sure she was going to make it through the next 24 hours. Dr. Gaines monitored Dusty throughout the night to ensure she was breathing properly.

Now, there’s a lot more to the story, but all you need to know is that vet staff made in-the-moment decisions that saved this cat’s life. Various vet staff were actually breathing for the cat while it was on the table. Mahalo to vet staff, Dr. Gaines & Dr. KTK for your life-saving decisions!

Healthy Java Chip
Ashley & Java Chip
Java Chip Eyes Shut
Java Chip Cone

Java Chip’s Eye Opening Story of Survival

January 7, 2022

Barely 7 weeks old, little Java Chip was found in Kahului and brought to us one night in September 2020. Not even weighing a pound, eyes crusted shut, infested with fleas, injured, cold and hungry, Java Chip was in dire need of help. Lucky for her, former MHS Foster Tech, Ashley, decided she could give her just the TLC she needed to make it through.

Here’s the recent update she shared with us about how Java Chip is doing now!

“Java came to me as an extremely sick kitten with bite wounds present on her neck. Her eyes were severely swollen shut, she was dehydrated and malnourished. She was found walking in the middle of the road and was brought to the shelter after most of the staff had left. I’m so thankful every single day that she came when she did.”

Java Chip Cone

Thanks to the Hope Fund, Java Chip was able to get the surgeries and ongoing medical care she needed to live a normal life!

“After months of fostering (we’re talking 4 to be exact), she went from being a literal disaster, to a bright and beautiful girl with a bewitching personality.

My plan from the start had always been to put her up for adoption when she was ready. I already had 4 cats of my own at the time. But when the time came, I just couldn’t bear the thought of giving her away. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, even with her constant sinus issues

Healthy Java Chip
Ashley & Java Chip

For injured and sick shelter animals like Java Chip, our Foster Program plays a crucial role in helping them get the care they need to live happy healthy lives!

“Luckily, I was able to take her home and devote weeks of care to try to nurse her back to health. Her ravenous appetite showed me that she wanted to fight for a chance at life right from the start, though I did have to syringe feed her as she couldn’t smell her food on her own being so congested. After two weeks, her eyes were still sealed shut and swollen.

I consulted with my vet and we decided to try surgically cutting her eyelids open. Lots of pus shot out of her eyes (kinda gross, I know!) and I was so afraid her eyes had ruptured. Fortunately that was not the case. After a full course of eye medication, I discovered that she had dazzling jade green eyes. Only to then find out that she also had a condition where her eyelids were curved in, leading to her eyelashes constantly rubbing against her eyes. She had to undergo surgery yet again to correct this.“

Java Chip Eyes Shut

She’s brought me so much love and joy,  despite the fact that she only cuddles with me by placing her paw on my arm and loves to knock over my cup of water any chance she gets. Java has blessed me in so many ways and I can’t imagine a day without her 💕


The Tail of Two Cody’s

December 31, 2021

2021 was quite a year for so many of us, including senior shelter dog Cody. He started it off by finally being adopted after waiting for 66 days at the shelter. Sadly, he was returned just 11 days later after the sheep next door were a little too tempting for him and they knew it was a recipe for disaster. 

As months and months went by, we promoted Cody dozens and dozens of times hoping the right home would come along.  Cody was very unhappy to be in the kennels and therefore unable to show his best, dapper self to the visitors that stopped by to meet him.  This stress began causing him to be heightened and bark aggressively at passersby, be they 2 or 4 legged. This meant that often when he was here at the shelter, Cody would be need to be in the back where he wasn’t able to be seen by potential adopters unless they asked for him. Sadly, when someone finally would request those meetings, they were never a match. Cody was just not connecting with anyone that was interested in adopting him.

Foster Parent, Bob and Cody

After a few months it was finally time for the two Codys (who now jokingly refer to themselves as Maui Cody and Olympia Cody ) to meet. We were all unsure how the stress of flying would affect our sweet senior. Olympia Cody was ready with his tips from Jasmine and his slip lead in hand as the crate opened; ready for whatever was going to come his way. When Maui Cody came out, he immediately bonded to his new proud papa.  Who recently told us “He really seems to be meant for me.” Now they start their day with long walks, then Maui Cody makes himself comfortable around the house during the day, becomes Olympia Cody’s shadow in the evenings before they both finally hop in bed at night. Although Maui Cody usually makes his way to his own dog bed once “dad’s” asleep.

Here’s a cool (literally in more ways than one) update we recently received about first 2 weeks in Washington!

 “Maui Cody’s latest napping spot after a couple mile walk is next to me on the sofa with blankets is the best place to warm up :)”

Cody & Cody

” Thank goodness he has gotten used to the snow as we have 6 inches on the ground and are supposed to get more tonight. It doesn’t bother him at all now.

He’s a wonderful dog and is doing great. Thanks to all of you who’ve taken care of him the last 13+ months. I think he finally found his forever home.

I just want you all who have invested time in him that he’s doing very well.” – Olympia Cody


Cody’s big reliefs would come from our amazing Foster Homes that gave Cody a combined break of 7 months (233 Days) throughout the 13 months (397 Days) he was in our care. With a whopping 5 of those months (152 Days) spent on and off with his favorite foster Bob, who gave Cody the love, patience and stability he so craved. The much needed time Bob gave him out of the shelter helped save Cody’s health and his sanity, which in turn certainly saved his life too.

Finally, after 241 days, out of desperation we begged the community for help. We’d tried so many photo shoots, fun videos, sad stories and even a silly infomercial to spotlight Cody.

Then one day, another Cody called us. One all the way from the Pacific Northwest that felt they could help. Several months after the last of his senior dogs had passed he was ready for a new friend and was looking up “older hard to place shelter dogs”  online when Cody’s profile came up. After reading his Bio and watching his video on our website, Cody felt that he just might be the right home for Cody.  And boy was he!

Our Behavior Coordinator, Jasmine, began working with both Codys to make arrangements for this big journey. 

Cody in Blankets
Image of Snow

Mahalo to the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation supporting the Wings of Aloha program to help make this adoption successful!

A Christmas Miracle

December 22, 2021

The children sat solemnly around the Christmas tree,
How could they spend a Christmas without Fluffy on their knee?

As their laps fell cold and their tears dried,
4 years passed but their hope of Fluffy’s return never left their side.

Mischievous white little Fluffy has had quite the adventure,
But he and his family desired only to be together.

“Are you lost little one? Do you like treats?”
A finder protected him who found him in the street.

A call to Maui Humane Society and Officer Riggs arrived on the double,
Let’s scan his microchip, could we get him out of trouble?

“I can’t believe it! Our Fluffy? But it’s been 4 years!”
And all of the family’s worries disappeared.

Jump in the car! A race down to MHS,
A reunited family, a moment that words cannot express.

The joy, the excitement, it was nearly unbearable,
The importance of a microchip, simply a Christmas miracle.

The Container Puppies

“Sending You My Best Friend”

December 10, 2021

Bob Voight sat in his doctor’s office waiting for a prognosis after being seen by a Cardiologist. 76 year old Bob had lost 40 pounds and become despondent since his beloved dog Bully died unexpectedly. Bully was the quintessential example of “man’s best friend,” he was Bob’s shadow. Every day, Bully and Bob worked at his hotdog food truck located at a local beach known for great surfing. The two were inseparable and now Bob felt like he was dying of a broken heart.

The doctor’s order was clear, Bob was told to get another dog. No medicine, no further testing needed, the only way that Bob would mend his heart would be through the love of a new best friend.

While Bob was staunchly opposed to the idea, his wife Dee thought otherwise. She decided to visit Maui Humane Society when she noticed an adoptable dog that looked just like Bully, in fact the resemblance was uncanny. The adoption was an instant decision and Dee gave the dog a new name, Bobo.

Upon entering their home to meet Bob, Bobo immediately took Bob’s hand in his mouth and wagged his tail with a warm greeting. There was a familiarity with this dog that Bob couldn’t pinpoint. Bobo was a natural at the food truck, behavior that continued to indicate that there was something uncanny about this dog. Bob asked what Bobo’s former name had been before Dee changed it and the answer left him stunned.

The dog was Polu, Bully’s best dog friend whose owner ran the banana bread food truck a few doors down from Bob’s Hotdogs. The dogs played together every day at the beach for years. Polu had been surrendered when his owner was facing some personal issues that interfered with the life he wanted Polu to have. For the sake of Polu, he made the heartbreaking decision to give him up in hopes that someone else could provide the care he deserved. 

With this knowledge, Bob phoned Polu’s former owner who cried tears of happiness at the news of this incredible chance. From hereon in, Bob’s whole world began to change for the better. It is Bob’s belief that Bully had a part in sending Polu to give Bob the will to live and love another dog. Polu was at Bob’s side every day from that moment on and he cherished the relationship that was slowly mending his broken heart. Beyond the internal healing, Bob now had motivation to be active and regularly walk Polu, something he credits with his physical health improving.

Bob’s depression and inability to eat lessened as their bond strengthened. Polu, a big lumbering goofball, became a never ending source of laughter for Bob who took great delight in responding to his antics and tennis ball demands. Polu is Bob’s constant sidekick who refuses to be out of his sight… and vice versa. With Bob at age 78 and Polu at 8, their speed is matched and Bob finds comfort in growing old with his best friend. “Had it not been for Polu coming into my life when he did,” said Bob, “I would be dead. I keep a picture of Bully in my pocket and thank him for sending me his best friend to save my life.”

The Container Puppies: Tragedy to Triumph

November 18, 2021

A closed shut plastic container sat sitting in the hot sun amongst the organized chaos of Feral Cat Monday on November 2, 2020, as no one knew who it was for or what was in it.

One of our legendary volunteers, Michelle, opened the plastic container and felt a wave of panic as she registered what was in front of her: 6 puppies. ‘The Container Puppies’ were brought through intake and tragically, it was too late for two of them.

The surviving four puppies weighed less than a pound each, had various amounts of worms and treatable health issues. They were named after Despicable Me characters: Gru, Agnes, Margo and Edith. Edith suffered a seizure during intake. These puppies were survivors but weren’t out of the clear yet. Only being ~6 weeks old, they needed a couple weeks of fostering in order to ensure they were healthy enough for adoption. As you can imagine, they were adopted in a heartbeat.

Fast forward a year and we have 4 healthy, hysterical, high-energy puppies living across Maui: Jack (formerly Gru), Gertrude (formerly Agnes), Onyx (formerly Margo) and Kirribilli (formerly Edith). All the adoption ohanas provided pupdates over the past year to show how their happy, intelligent pups have been growing. We are so ecstatic to be able to share the pawsitive side of this initially tragic story.

Humane Enforcement Officer, Denise Riggs reviewed the shelter’s security footage and was able to identify an individual who allegedly abandoned the puppies. The suspect was charged with six counts of State Cruelty to Animals and six counts of Animal Abandonment.

Dumping animals is illegal and although the intention may have been ‘good’, there are humane ways to surrender animals. Our website offers resources to help problem behaviors and we have programs like 4EverPets to help keep your animal at home. Although there is no fee to surrender your animal, it is required to make an appointment to surrender your animal. Please contact us if you need help – we’re here to help you!

Maui Now: Puppies Found in Sealed Container Left Outside Maui Shelter

The Container Puppies

Trixie & Katya: Two Kittens who underwent 7 Months of Treatment

November 11, 2021

These two adorable kittens were found in the parking lot of Longs in Kihei. They had almost been hit by cars, but were saved by a kind member of the public who dropped them off at Maui Humane Society. At the time, we had no idea the battle they were about to face…

While they appeared healthy on intake, it was later determined that they had ringworm. In some shelters, ringworm is a means for euthanasia, but at Maui Humane Society, we do whatever it takes to keep our animals alive and healthy! They underwent treatment for 7 months, but were struggling to get healthy. Their tests kept coming back positive, and we were worried they were resistant to treatment, which would have meant we would not be able to make them available for adoption in the unhealthy state they were in.

Many of our staff and volunteers were invested in Trixie and Katya and took them home to foster them, give them meds, and do all that they could to get them healthy. Finally, it worked. Their third test came back NEGATIVE! Thanks to our Hope Fund, Foster Ohanas and generous donors, we were able to treat them for that entire period of time and help them make a miraculous recovery. And now, we are beyond excited to share that Trixie and Katya were recently ADOPTED!

If you’d like to make an unforgettable impact on an animal and help save its life, please consider joining our Foster Team, making a general donation or donating to our Hope Fund! Mahalo for your support in saving animals like Trixie and Katya and giving them hope for a wonderful life. ❤️

The Wilson’s: Celebrating 2 years after 47 dogs were rescued from chains

November 5, 2021

Picard and Janeway (formerly Frank and Erin Wilson) came to MHS in October of 2019 as a part of a large scale seizure/impound case where MHS rescued a total of 47 dogs from the property over a period of a few months. At MHS, they received the medical attention and care they needed, but were still very scared and unsure of the world around them. Picard and Janeway were the most challenging “Wilson” dogs to be adopted due to the effects of their unsocialized and feral lives. Staff worked tirelessly and slowly over 6 months to earn their trust and learn to be touched and cared for.

Picard and Janeway stole the hearts of a volunteer who knew she could give the pups the love and support they needed. A year and a half later, Picard and Janeway are happy & much more confident pups. They have even paid their good fortune  forward by helping close to 40 other foster siblings on their way to find loving homes of their own.

Now that’s what we call a happily ever after!

Concerned about the welfare of an animal? Our Humane Enforcement Officers are available to the public 24/7 to act as law enforcers, educators, and facilitators. Call (808) 877-3680 ext. 222 to reach our Humane Enforcement Department. Your call could make a world of difference to an animal in need.

Wilsons Update

DJ: From Beach Buddy to So Much More…

October 29, 2021

Every time I tell a story about Maui, it includes talking about Ashes who we had on our first experience with Beach Buddies in 2016.

I was so excited in August when Beach Buddies was reinstated and we were able to get a spot on the last full day of our trip to Maui on October 1. When we arrived that day, Becca told us that we would be taking DJ on first day of Beach Buddies and would see what types of activities he liked. We took him to beaches, parks and on the sidewalks of the hotels on Wailea. He was well behaved in every environment and wanted to meet every person and dog in sight. He carried his Kong squeaky tennis ball on many of his walks. His day finished with a little vanilla ice cream and a nap in my lap on his way back to MHS.

Upon our return to MHS, we gave DJ back to a volunteer who had an Australian accent (we didn’t catch his name). I told him I think we failed because I fell in love with DJ and felt like he was such a good match for us. The volunteer said “we called that a success” and told me I probably gave DJ the best day ever. This made me think why can’t I make every day “DJ’s Best Day Ever.” Then, we briefly discussed adoption and bribing him to the mainland with Tucker.

We boarded our flight home to Chicago the next morning. I thought about, talked about and looked at pictures of DJ until I called MHS when they opened on Monday. I spoke with Kam who told me DJ was already part of the Wings of Aloha program. She was going to see what DJ’s options were. Part of me was devastated that I missed my chance of adopting DJ and part of me was relieved that he was destined to come to the four seasons (COLD) of the mainland. I no longer felt guilty about the chance of taking him from the warm weather and beaches (I wish I could move to Maui with him, instead of him coming to Illinois!). When Kam called me a few hours later and told me that I could adopt DJ, I burst into tears of joy and started figuring out his travel arrangements.

On Friday, my Hawaiian puppy was flying Alaskan Airlines to LAX. Adam and his mom picked DJ up at LAX and drove him to Las Vegas. DJ met family and friends before beginning his road trip to Illinois. After learning about hotels and road trips while driving through Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois, DJ made it home!

DJ is getting used to living with a beagle and a dachshund in the cooler weather. He owns his first winter coat and several Kong squeaky tennis balls. He also has a bright green light up collar for his nighttime walks — which goes right along with his “life of the party” personality.  His favorite game is chasing (and catching) leaves blowing in the wind!

Thank you to everyone at MHS for all you do and especially to those who helped get DJ to his furever home!
Sarah, Adam, Cozmo, Maggie & DJ (@that_pup_dj)

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