It's Monday Maui, and we are STILL in SOS due to our over population of dogs! Which means we need your HELP to get our dogs out of the kennels! Whether that means adopting, PAWS to adopt (10 day adoption trial), SOS fostering, or taking a dog out for a day on our Beach Buddies or Dog on Demand... programs. Anything you can do helps, only YOU can help us make room in our kennels, give a dog a break!

Here are just 10 of our dogs that need to get out of the shelter, and into your home (or on an adventure) TODAY!

What is SOS foster and how that helps: SOS foster means that you can walk into our shelter, without prior foster experience OR orientation, and take home a dog TODAY. Therefore freeing up spaces in our kennels for dogs that need it the most. It also allows our dogs to decompress in a quiet home, and practice being in an ohana! See our link in bio for more info on how fostering saves lives!

What is Dog on Demand and how it helps: Our Dog on Demand program allows you to take a dog out for a day, and all fees are WAIVED while we are in SOS! Walk ins ARE welcome! Take a dog out without advanced booking (If you want to nook an upcoming day, you can do so at the link below / in bio). No orientation required, it's a genuine "on demand" experience where you can pick up a dog and GO on an adventure! A backpack with supplies and suggested dog friendly spots will be provided. See our link in bio to press play on dog on demand TODAY!

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Our weekly eNewsletter is here again, featuring:
- Dog kennels are over capacity and we need SOS Fosters
- #DogonDemand is FREE during SOS Foster
- Barktoberfest tickets back by popular demand, get your tickets now!
- Flapjack the Rabbit cuddles with kittens!
- The story of Java... Chip and how your single donation has 6 more days to have double the impact!

Aloha! My name is Flapjack and I'm this week's lucky pet of the week! I have been waiting to be adopted since march! That's a really long time in bunny time. I did spend time in a wonderful foster home. There it was discovered that I'm great with kids, and even kittens too! I do... a pretty good job being a foster brother to some tiny kittens, they love to snuggle on me and follow me wherever I go! They love me and I love them. If you're looking to welcome a rabbit friend into your life then please consider me! You wont regret it!

See the link in bio for more about our #Petoftheweek

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Our dogs need your help TODAY! We are over capacity and any dog we can get out of the shelter today is a WIN!! If you’ve ever thought about fostering, today is that day to come down and meet our dogs! Any dog on our website is available for SOS Foster, which means they’ll go home with you and ...all the supplies you need to take care of the dog! Plus, you can keep them for as long as you need!

If you don’t have a home that can have a dog, we have a brand new program called Dog on Demand that allows you to take the dog for the day! You can walk through our doors or book online!

SOS Foster is a time of high population and we need our animals out of the shelter. Anything you can do to help calm our dogs and get them out of the stressors of the shelter could save their life!

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Our shelter is FULL and we need YOUR HELP! Come to the shelter TOMORROW Saturday Sept 24th between 11a-2p to meet our dog foster team and learn how you can help save lives! Don't miss this opportunity to warm up your ohana.

See how you can make the biggest impact by fostering at our... link in bio!

Want to help our dogs, but can’t take a dog home? You can still help… FOR FREE! Our new program, Dog-on-Demand allows you to take a dog out of the shelter for a day! During our high population, we have waived our Dog-on-Demand fee so you can make a difference in our dog’s lives! You can book ...Dog-on-Demand 10 days out, to help the dogs that need more enrichment! Book through our link in bio!

Please share with and tag your local friends who always said they wanted to take a dog for the day! We bet you're going to love it SO much that you're going to sign up as a volunteer so you can do this whenever you want! 😉

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Meet some of our available foster animals that we want to highlight this Friday! These adoptable animals are all in a foster home waiting to be adopted. Give us a call if you want to meet any of them! 808-877-3680 ext 3. They can’t wait to meet you!

We have many animals in foster homes ...right now, but our dogs still need your help. Tomorrow between 11a-2p come to the shelter to meet our dog foster team and learn how you can help save lives! Fostering is a wonderful way to get dogs out of the hustle bustle of shelter life, and experience being in a home. Help our dogs strut their stuff, and come on down on Saturday! See you there! #adopt #foster #fosterfriday #mauihumanesociety

Check out the link in bio to see all of our available animals!

SOS: This week Maui Humane Society has reached over 100% capacity in the dog kennels. We have 43 kennels and over 60 dogs in the shelter at this moment. If you have been considering fostering or adopting, NOW is the time. Featured in this post are just 9 of the available dogs we have at the shelter... who can go home with you TODAY for adoption, or SOS foster! As an SOS foster you don't need prior fostering experience to take someone home, just come down and pick someone up!

If fostering or adopting is not an option, a relaxing day out of their kennels on beach buddies or dog on demand will help reduce stress for them (and you!). There are so many ways to help our shelter dogs, especially at times like these where they need you most!

Check out our website or links in bio to learn more about our paws to adopt, foster, and beach buddies programs!

WE NEED YOUR HELP MAUI! Our kennels are OVER capacity! We need your help to get dogs out of our kennels, and into foster homes ASAP!

THIS SATURDAY come to Maui Humane Society between 11a-2p and learn how you can save a life, and sign up to foster a dog!

Do you want to help and ...are ready to take a dog home today? Drop by the shelter and we will supply you with everything you need to get a dog into your home to foster, regardless of previous foster experience.

Can't foster but still want to help get dogs out of the kennels? Our Beach Buddies program has expanded! We not only have more days available, but more dogs to bring out and enjoy! In addition to Beach Buddies, we also have a NEW way to press "play" on having a dog for the day with Dog on Demand! Help us get dogs out of our kennels, even if it's just for the day.

See our foster & beach buddies link in bio TODAY!

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