ONLY 3 DAYS until Wags to Riches!! You know what rhymes with 3? TEEEEES! Wags to Riches T-shirts are here! Grab yours online at link in bio under "wags to riches" or at the shelter this weekend! T-shirts not your style? We also have sweatshirts available (online only)! WAG THAT SWAG and ...DONATE to Wags to Riches TODAY before it's too late!

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✨ 4 DAYS ✨ Until shelter dogs could not only be in YOUR lap, but in the lap of LUXURY! Go ahead and day dream......

Wags to Riches is in it’s last week of fundraising, it's not too late to DONATE! There are many ways to donate, you don't have to register or be a ...participant. Keep an eye on our stories for how YOU can donate TODAY! And for who of our furry friends could be joining YOU in that hammock on the beach...

Winners will be announced May 27th at noon!

Donate / Register at link in bio!

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It's game time people & pooches! It's the final week to DONATE or REGISTER for Wags to Riches 2022! The last week is the most competitive, so here's your #mondaymotivation to GET YOUR WAG ON!!

Donate / register at link in bio

Participants compete for a night of... LUXURY at 7 of Maui's top resorts. It's not too late to register, or donate to switch up the leader boards! Winners will be announced May 27th at noon!

Mahalo to our participating resorts: @fsmaui @grandwailea @andazmaui @hyattmaui @westinmaui @royallahainaresort & Fairmont Kea Lani

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IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! We have some exciting things on the docket for you this coming week, and some puuurfect stories from last!

1. Wags to Riches is NEXT WEEK! It's not too late to Register or DONATE NOW! The lucky 7 winners will be announced at noon on May 27th! Get your ...Wag Swag here too!
2. Lilikoi & Papaya are our guinea pig reps for the Pet of the Week! They have the moves, and they want YOU to make moves to adopt their furry and fuzzy critter friends. Check them out, and all our critters, their fees are WAIVED!
3. We had special visitors from Lanai Cat Sanctuary last week! See all the fun they had! Welcome to the Ohana!
4. Maui Humane Society is joining forces with the Greater Good - Good Fix Team to offer free spay and neuter services to the Hana community June 9-12 at Hana School. Appointments are encouraged, same day walk ins will be available! If you need a traps for cats, pick up June 3 at Hana Farmer's Market!

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ONE WEEK until the 7 lucky winners of #wagstorichesmaui head off on their adventure together to Maui's top resorts! One night with a shelter dog is all they get, but it will be a lifetime of memories that you (and the shelter dog) will never forget! ITS NOT TOO LATE to register or DONATE for ...this once-in-a-lifetime fundraiser!

Link in bio to register / donate TODAY

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Aloha, we are Lilikoi & Papaya! We’re sisters, some say we look like twins but we think it's easy to tell us apart! We have been waiting to be adopted for two months now…. that’s quite a while in guinea pig time! Taking care of us is quite easy since we enjoy the simple things in All we want is food (pellets, hay and 1 cup of leafy greens per day), water, bedding to keep us warm and clean, and a little house all our own to hide in when we’re feeling shy. Some toys to chew on and keep our teeth healthy, and a suitable sized pen to spend our days in would be nice too! A little treats are a plus to get on our good side. We really don’t ask for much! Some fun facts about us and our friends: We like to sing and break dance (bet you didn’t know that!) When we hear our lettuce bag crinkle, we get SO excited that we sing a whole concert! When we’re super-duper happy, we do our famous dance moves called “pop corning.” Don’t believe us? Take us home and find out! Because guinea pigs are social creatures, we do best in pairs. We don’t socialize with just any other guinea pig though so it's best to keep us in already bonded pairs (like siblings!). We love human interaction and affection too; like chin rubs and head scratches...we might sing a little song of thanks for those too! There are so many critters at the Maui Humane Society that need homes right now, even our rabbit and turtle friends have been waiting a long time to find an ohana. Now that you see how easy and fun it can be to have a critter, I hope you come down and make our wishes come true, we just want to get adopted!

Link in bio to learn more about Lilikoi & Papaya and our other adoptables!

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Maui Humane Society is joining forces with the Greater Good - Good Fix Team to offer FREE spay and neuter services to the Hana community June 9-12 at Hana School.

Appointments are encouraged, but same day walk in's will be available! If you need a trap for community cats, pick up or ...reserve them at Hana Farmers Market in June 3rd!

See link in bio "Good Fix Hana" or visit our website for more info / to book an appointment!

Join us at Petco in Kahului from 11am-1pm on Saturday, May 21 for a mobile adoption event! The Community Outreach team along with dedicated volunteers will be there with some of our adoptable dogs and ready to answer questions you may have. Along with the pups, there will be guinea pigs ready to be... adopted and walk straight into your heart and your ohana!
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Wags to Riches lets YOU take a shelter dog from the doghouse to the penthouse, for a night of luxury! The countdown is on! IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Register today and start fundraising throughout May 27th for your chance to win a 1 night stay with a shelter dog, at one of Maui's beachfront ...resorts on May 28th! Go to the link in bio to register as participant OR donate to one; it's free & easy!

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