Maui Humane Society is hosting a “Spay it Forward” MASH Spay/Neuter clinic for cats March 28 and 29

Spay It Forward Cat MASH (2)
Cat MASH - March 28, 29

Maui Humane Society is holding a “Spay It Forward” MASH clinic for cats on March 28 and 29th. Mobile Animal Sterilization Hospital clinics provide in-house high-quality high-volume spay–neuter which dramatically helps control the population.

MHS has already started seeing kittens through our doors! This is alarming as kitten season has started earlier than in previous years, which means we could be expecting a record-high amount of kittens.

The MASH appointments will be offered at $0, but we are asking the public to “Spay It Forward”. Each spay/neuter comes with vaccinations & a microchip! You can help reduce the pet overpopulation in our community by donating the typical cost of a spay/neuter, forward! A typical vet spay/neuter can cost anywhere between $250-$1000. MHS offers low-cost spay/neuters for friendly cats at $45, while keeping the cost for community cats to $0.

Your donation in Spaying it Forward will continue to help support our own community by helping those who wouldn’t be able to afford to spay/neuter.


Although the surgery itself is nearly identical between community cats & friendly cats, the health and safety protocols are different and therefore adjust our operations. Community Cats & Friendly Cats will be booked on separate days.

Maui Humane Society’s goal is to spay/neuter 200 cats per day (400 total!). In order to reach this goal, we request that all cat appointments are booked for AT MINIMUM 3 CATS. If you are looking for an individual cat to be spay/neuter, please make an appointment for April or May here. We offer UP TO 3 TRAPS to be rented per person (deposit necessary for rental).



Monday, March 28

For Community Cats that are a part of our TNR program, please CALL to Book an Appointment.

808-877-3680 ext. 3


Tuesday, March 29


Not only is a MASH clinic an organization wide event, we wouldn’t be able to offer no-cost events without our partners!

Petco Love is one of our partners and thanks to them, all vaccines have been donated! This is a part of their national goal in distributing over 1 million vaccines to pets.

Petco Love donating all Vaccinations

As of Jan 1, 2022, it is required that all pets have a microchip. Thanks to PetHealth, all microchips have been donated!

PetHealth donated all microchips

Our grantors have allowed us to offer affordable spay/neuter costs over the years! Thank you to John R. Peterson Foundation, PetSmart Charities, Petco Love, Best Friends Animal Society, Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation!

THANKS TO YOU! Your interest in helping decrease the overpopulation of cats wouldn’t be possible without you! Community Cat Colony caretakers, feeders, trappers to individuals with multiple cats who keep them spayed/neutered – we thank you!

Cat Pointing at You - Thank you!

Can’t make the MASH but still want to have an impact? YOU CAN! By donating major items like towels (standard & hand towels) and baby socks, you’ll help our animals stay warm & cozy during surgery. You can drop off donation items any time! If you’d like to send us items, our Amazon Wishlist will have them delivered directly to us!

Towels (Standard & Hand towels)
These are CRUCIAL for a MASH!

Bath towels

Baby Socks
We put socks on our animals during surgery so that, along with heated blankets they stay nice and warm while under anesthesia and recovery

Baby Socks are vital to keep paws warm during surgery

See what else the organization could use for donations through our Amazon Smile Wishlist!

Amazon Smile Wishlist

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