Spring Match Campaign - Donate through May 20th and your donation will double

Spring into action and help make DOUBLE the impact on Maui’s homeless animals. Through May 20, every dollar doubles up to $10,000 through our Spring Match Campaign! Your donation will double and help save dogs like Sunshine and Lincoln, and cats like Popoki who require extensive medical treatment.

By donating once today, you’ll save twice the lives.

Sunshine - Dog with stitches down the back of her head

Sunshine was found alone at a church in Wailuku. The gentle dog had a very large, ruptured tumor growing on the back of her heard. Maui Humane Society veterinary staff successfully removed the noncancerous mass tumor, performed spay surgery, and administered flea, tick and Heartworm prevention treatment. Sunshine is currently available for adoption!

Popoki - Cat who was shot

Popoki was shot in the leg and her elderly, retired owners were devastated that they couldn’t afford the veterinary estimate to fix their beloved kitty. With no other options, the injured Popoki was brought to Maui Humane Society and surrendered. Our team went to work amputating Popoki’s leg but decided to not make her available for adoption… she had an even happier ending being reunited with her loving family!

Lincoln - Dog who was neglected, hairless and painfully itchy

Little Lincoln lived on the end of a chain for four years. He once had a loving owner who doted on him, but unfortunately, they passed away in 2019. Since then, Lincoln has deteriorated in the care of several owners who severely neglected him. He arrived at Maui Humane Society at age 10 with nails growing into his pads, most of his hair missing (and what was left was matted and filthy), severe ear infections and crusted-over eyes. His skin was so itchy that he whimpered in discomfort. Lincoln has been adopted into a loving home, ensuring he will never be neglected again.