Save 2X the animals this holiday season. Match My Gift.
This holiday season, you can give the greatest gift to animals in our community: a second chance.
You can save the lives of twice as many animals thanks to a donation from a generous friend of Maui Humane Society. They will match every dollar you donate to our Year-End Matching Challenge up to $10,000.
Any amount you give today will DOUBLE to help even more local cats and dogs by providing:
• Food and shelter
• Basic medical care and vaccinations
• Emergency medical services for injured or sick animals
• Adoption services
With new animals arriving every day and our resources spread thin, we need your help more than ever.
Don’t miss out on this rare, limited-time opportunity for your gift to DOUBLE in value, ensuring 2X the animals are rescued and adopted into loving homes in 2022!
Friend, your support goes TWICE AS FAR to help save homeless cats and dogs on Maui.