Beach Buddies & Dog on Demand Programs

We have worked diligently to create programs that provide enrichment for our shelter dogs while giving visitors and kama’āina a wonderful dog adventure! Maui Humane Society offers 2 wonderful programs to take a dog out for a day!

For Maui Visitors: 

The Beach Buddies & Dog on Demand programs allow visitors (and kama’āina) to take a shelter dog out for a day of fun every day from 11am – 4pm!

Our Beach Buddies program is oriented towards visitors and is on Wednesday’s & Friday’s. After you sign up here, arrive at 10:45am on your selected day for a brief introduction. Then, it’s off on your adventure to the cooler temperatures of Upcountry to explore forested hikes or to splash around on the beach, grab a picnic lunch or even take a ride to a drive-thru!

Is Beach Buddies full? Are you a confident dog walker/handler? Most dogs are at their best when they are out of the shelter. Some dogs require daily enrichment out of the shelter to keep their minds active and vibrant. Dog On Demand allows you to provide much needed enrichment to the dogs who need it most and is a pawsitively awesome opportunity for our homeless dogs to spend their day out of their kennel and out of the shelter! The dogs selected for Dog On Demand are the pups most at need for time away from the shelter noises and smells!

Sign up today and press PLAY with a dog for a day! 

*You must be 18 years or older to sign up.*

For Maui Residents:

If you are kama’āina (resident) looking to participate with our Beach Buddies program, please go here.

How Does Beach Buddies Work?

Sign up by clicking ‘Sign Up’ above and selecting your preferred Beach Buddies date on the calendar. We release the calendar dates 90 days in advance. There are three spots available on each Beach Buddies date. You will receive a request for confirmation of  your attendance a day or two before your outing by email and/or phone. We MUST receive confirmation from you before 5:00pm the day before your scheduled outing.

The Day of Your Outing…

Please arrive promptly at the shelter to allow the brief introduction to commence at 10:45am so we can get you on the road by 11am! You’ll be given an overview of the day and we’ll run through a few procedural items. Our staff will be pairing you up with a dog based on your dog handling experience and desired activity level. You can drop the dog off any time before 4:00pm.

What to Expect

Your Beach Buddy will be ready to head out for their adventure after the 10:45am briefing. We’ll have a backpack full of supplies to accompany your pup! Your backpack will include: an info card with emergency phone number, a Beach Buddies Google Map, and a list of recommended destinations; a water bottle; bowl; towel; treats; poop bags; and a seatbelt.

There is a minimum $50 donation required to participate in Beach Buddies, if you love your experience and wish to support our homeless animals, additional donations are greatly appreciated. We also offer a 10% discount on logo wear retail items including Beach Buddies tees, tanks and stickers.

Can I bring my own dog on Beach Buddies?

Although our Beach Buddies dogs are generally dog-friendly, we ask that your Beach Buddies dog be the only dog on your excursion. Our shelter dogs often share kennels so they benefit greatly from the one-on-one attention that Beach Buddies provides. Plus, being the only dog gives your Beach Buddy a chance to shine to potential adopters!

Can I request a specific size or breed of dog?

The majority of our Beach Buddies dogs are medium to large sized and may be strong. Due to the constant flux of dogs in and out of the shelter, we cannot fulfill requests to be paired with a dog that excludes specific breeds or sizes.

Is this program just for visitors?

All are welcome to participate in Beach Buddies, whether you’re a visitor or resident.

Where can we go with our dog?

The brochure we provide will give you a general idea of where you can take your dog. We request that your excursion does not include the West Side (Lahaina/Ka’anapali) or the Road to Hana due to potential traffic issues. As some dogs have heat restrictions and other limitations, we may suggest that instead of the beach, you may want to venture Upcountry for beautiful forested hiking on the easy Waihou Spring Forest Reserve trail or the moderate Kahakapao Loop Trail in the Makawao Forest Reserve. Another destination option is that you may choose to take your dog out to lunch at one of our dog-friendly local restaurants that offer outdoor seating and shade.

Who do I call if I have any questions when I am out with my dog?

For non-emergencies (you are running late to return your dog, etc.), please call (808) 877-3680 ext. 224 or text 808-466-8701. For any emergencies, please call (808) 877-3680 ext. 222 which is our Humane Enforcement dispatch and they will help you.

For more information about Beach Buddies, email us or call (808) 877-3680 ext. 224.

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