Found a Pet?

Take these steps right away to find their 'ohana.


File a found pet report immediately!  Make sure to include photos of the pet. It may take up to 48 hours for your report to appear on our website.


Check for tags on the pet’s collar and look for contact information. If there are no tags, bring them to Maui Humane Society, Petco, or a veterinarian to scan for a microchip.


Search through the feed of pets reported missing below. Also, look around the area you found the pet and ask those nearby if they recognize them, and create found pet flyers to hang up as you search.


Share the found pet on social media platforms, including lost/found pet Facebook groups,, Nextdoor, and Craigslist.

Other Tips & FAQS

Who should I call if I found a pet?

Call MHS’ Humane Enforcement department at 808-877-3680 ext. 222 and notify them you have found an animal. Look through pets reported missing below, and through Petco Love Lost’s database.

How can I create a found pet flyer?

We recommend including the following details on the found pet flyer you create:

    • Large title: “Found Pet”
    • Clear image(s) of the pet
    • Description of the pet, including as many of the following known details as possible: Animal species, breed, color(s), sex and whether or not they are fixed, size, and distinguishing marks or features.
    • Location found
    • Date found
    • Contact name and phone number of the finder
Where should I bring the pet I found?

Check for a collar, ID tags or any contact information before moving the pet from the spot where you found them. If there is no contact information, bring them to a local veterinarian, pet supply store, or Maui Humane Society to scan for a microchip. If you are able to hold onto the pet for a period of time, please do so and file an MHS found report as soon as possible.

Can I keep or adopt the pet I found?

There is a chance that the lost pet you found has an ‘ohana who is missing them dearly. Please try your best to reunite the pet with their owner while you temporarily foster your found pet.

How should I approach a stray animal?

Rather than approaching a stray animal, try to entice them to come to you. Remain calm, use submissive body language such as kneeling and facing to the side, and do not make eye contract. Loud noises, calling out to an animal, or approaching them may scare them further. Tossing a few treats in their direction may help!

If the animal reacts with aggression or suggests they may harm you or yourself, please call our Humane Enforcement department at 808-877-3680 ext. 222.

I found kittens. What should I do?

When we find a litter of kittens, more often than not, mom is nearby! She is most likely hunting for food to provide for her babies, and she will return shortly. The best thing you can do is leave the kittens where they are. Mom offers her kittens the best chance for survival, and their survival rate decreases by 50% without her.

If mom does not return in 10 hours, check to see if the kittens are well-fed and warm. If not, human intervention may be necessary. If the kittens appear to be sick and/or injured, please reach MHS’ Humane Enforcement at 808-877-3680 ext. 222. Learn more!

Pets Reported Missing

Browse the pets below, who have been reported missing by their families in our community. If the pet is safe in your custody, we ask that you hold onto them while you search for their owner.

If you see that the pet has been reported missing, call 808-877-3680 ext. 3 so MHS can help coordinate a reunion.