Maui Humane Society’s mission is to protect and save the lives of Maui’s animals, accepting all in need, educating the community, and inspiring respect and compassion towards all animals.

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Maui Humane Society Kennels Over Capacity

The Maui News: Foster families needed as Maui Humane Society shelter reaches capacity

September 23, 2022

Maui Humane Society is urgently requesting the community’s help to provide homes and relief for dogs as its shelter population has surged. High surrender and stay intake rates have led to kennels being over capacity, the shelter said in a news release Thursday.

Maui Humane Society Kennels Over Capacity

KHON2: URGENT: Fosters needed as Maui shelter experiences overcapacity

September 23, 2022

HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Maui Humane Society is asking people to stop bringing in strays and surrenders as they experience overcapacity. The shelter is currently caring for 67 dogs (not including the 32 animals in foster homes) when their kennels can only hold 40 dogs. “We are full and overcapacity. We need the community to understand that the shelter should be the last option for the animal,” said Katie Shannon, Director of Marketing at MHS, in a statement.

Maui Now - Maui Humane Society Kennels are Over Capacity

MauiNow: Maui Humane Society dog kennels are over capacity, “SOS fosters” needed

September 22, 2022

Maui Humane Society has issued an urgent request to the community for help in providing homes and relief for dogs from its shelter, which is currently over capacity. The Maui Humane Society has kennel capacity for 40 dogs, but the shelter is currently caring for 67, not including the 32 currently in foster homes.

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