Maui Humane Society is proud of its progress and encourages the public to review our monthly and annual statistics tracking shelter population through the Asilomar Accords: a standardized statistical record-keeping and reporting format that many shelters have adopted for accurate reporting of data associated with shelter animals. Having standard language and criteria that all shelters can use helps us compare the work that we do with other shelters locally and nationally. For more information about the Asilomar Accords, click here.

Fiscal Year 2020 (7/1/19 – 6/30/20)

Fiscal Year 2019 (7/1/18 – 6/30/19)

Fiscal Year 2018 (7/1/17 – 6/30/18)

Fiscal Year 2017 (7/1/16 – 6/30/17)

Fiscal Year 2016 (7/1/15 – 6/30/16)

Fiscal Year 2015 (7/1/14 – 6/30/15)

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