Dave and Cheryl Duffield Foundation

Maui Humane Society is deeply grateful to the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation for its generous support of our organization and commitment to improving the lives of Maui’s dogs and cats. The Foundation’s impact on our shelter has been revolutionary, transforming the entire organization into a place of hope and positivity for Maui’s homeless animals. 

Working together, the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation and Maui Humane Society have been responsible for saving the lives of thousands of pets on Maui over the past seven years. The support of the Foundation has touched many areas of the services that we provide, including the Wings of Aloha transfer program, building a robust foster network, spay/neuter efforts, and community cat programs, including TNR initiatives.

Looking forward, we are expanding our focus to help the community by providing access to affordable veterinary care, helping keep pets from being surrendered, and continuing to increase our live release rates. In 2022, the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation has again committed to supporting our vision and mission to save lives by funding these essential programs with a generous grant of nearly $1.8 million as well as an additional $282,000 to underwrite the cost of the 2022 Wings of Aloha transfer program. Maui Humane Society will be utilizing grant funds over the next three years in the following areas:


  • Hire a Dog Foster Coordinator to increase the number of dogs fostered
  • Increase the number of foster families overall and specifically recruit and train specialized foster families to care for newborn puppies with/without mom, medical cases, and behaviorally challenged dogs. 
  • Decrease animal length of stay in the shelter before entering a foster home and increase the number of adoptions that take place directly from foster homes


  • Improve the Live Release Rate of all cats coming into Maui Humane Society
  • Provide supplies and basic medical training to kitten foster parents and develop a bottle baby kitten mentor program
  • Decrease kitten length of stay by immediately placing at-risk kittens in foster homes


  • Collaborate with local non-profit organizations to identify and help pet owners in need
  • Build pet retention program to keep pets from being surrendered by providing resources to keep families together
  • Support off-island pet moves to prevent the surrender of animals to MHS
  • Establish discounted behavior training to keep pets in homes
  • Advocate for pet-friendly housing


  • Increase the number of adoptable animals sent on the Wings of Aloha program. Develop relationships and increase the number of transfer partners on the mainland who will accept dogs and cats through the WOA program. 
  • Assist neighbor islands with transferring animals for the WOA program and continue to support with food/supplies as needed


  • Hire a HERO: Humane Enforcement Resource Officer to educate and advocate within the community and the purchase of a vehicle to support these efforts
  • Purchase a mobile veterinary trailer to access underserved communities
  • Hire a Community Veterinarian and Technician team to increase access to care services for pet owners in need
  • Partner with DC Cat Counts to fund an island-wide community cat count

About Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation
The Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation is a private charitable foundation based in Incline Village, Nevada. The Duffields are also the founders of Maddie’s Fund, a leading animal welfare foundation dedicated to revolutionizing the status and well-being of companion animals. While the Duffields are long-time benefactors of companion animal causes, the Foundation also allows them to focus their philanthropic efforts in other areas they are passionate about, including supporting military veterans and giving back to their local community.

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