Dog on Demand

Most dogs are at their best when they are out of the shelter. Some dogs require daily enrichment out of the kennel to keep their minds active and vibrant. Our Dog on Demand program allows visitors and kama’aina alike to invite shelter dogs on a fun day of exploring Maui’s beautiful ‘aina (land).

The focus of Dog on Demand is to provide outing opportunities for the dogs who most need a break from the shelter. Participating dogs are often young, large, and/or energetic. These dogs may still be perfecting their manners or leash skills, so participants should be confident in their dog handling abilities. Participants must be 18 and older.

Do you live on Maui and want to regularly take shelter dogs on fun outings? Join our volunteer pack! MHS Volunteers can take pups on field trips with Kama’aina Beach Buddies, following a slightly different process than Dog on Demand. 

Beach Buddies
Frequently Asked Questions
What should I bring with me?

We will provide a backpack full of supplies to accompany your pup! Your backpack will include an info card with an emergency phone number, a map with a list of recommended destinations, a water bottle, a water bowl, a towel, toys, treats, poop bags, an “Adopt Me” bandana, and a doggy seatbelt.

Can I bring my own dog on the outing?

We ask that your Dog on Demand companion be only dog on your excursion. Our shelter dogs often share kennels so they benefit greatly from the one-on-one attention that Dog on Demand provides. Plus, being the only dog gives your new friend chance to shine to potential adopters!

Can I request a specific size or breed of dog?

The majority of our Dog on Demand dogs are medium to large sized and may be strong. Due to the constant flux of dogs in and out of the shelter, we cannot fulfill requests to be paired with a dog that excludes specific breeds or sizes.

Where can we go with our dog?

The info card we provide will give you a general idea of where you can take your dog, or you can reference this map. We request that your excursion does not include the West Side (Lahaina/Ka’anapali) or the Road to Hana due to potential traffic issues. As some dogs have heat restrictions and other limitations, we may suggest that instead of the beach, you may want to venture Upcountry for beautiful forested hiking on the easy Waihou Spring Forest Reserve trail or the moderate Kahakapao Loop Trail in the Makawao Forest Reserve. Another destination option is that you may choose to take your dog out to lunch at one of our dog-friendly local restaurants that offer outdoor seating and shade.

Who do I call if I have any questions when I am out with my dog?

For emergencies, please call 808-877-3680 ext. 14.



What happens if I fall in love with my outing dog?

We get it… it’s easy to fall in love with our pups! Click here to learn more about adopting, sponsoring, or transporting your new buddy.