Can You Help?

We are so thankful to all who have stepped up to help Maui’s pets and people in the aftermath of the devastating wildfires of August 8, 2023. As we continue to care for displaced animals in our shelter and support Lahaina’s owned pets, the community’s support is still needed. Can you help?





Our Lahaina fire cats desperately need you

We are caring for more than 200 cats* from Lahaina who need to move to new, safe environments. These fire cats have been displaced from their homes and are in need of loving Ohanas and caretakers who are willing to give them a chance to thrive. By adopting or fostering a pet, whether it’s a fire cat or another animal, you’re not only giving them a new home, you’re assisting MHS’ efforts to provide space and care for other animals that arrive.

All the animals that are available for adoption can be found on the here. Cats from Lahaina who are looking for a home will have a “Fire Cat” banner.

Along with the animals at our shelter or in fosters homes, we also have a large population of available fire cats at our MHS Cat Annex location (982 Lower Main Street, Wailuku, HI, 96793). If there is a cat you’re interested in meeting at our Annex, you can visit during our open hours Monday – Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Meet MHS’ Adoptable Pets

MHS’ Operation Fire Cat Placement Program (OFCPP) is an outdoor adaptive housing program that places a pair of cats on your property with the goal to release them after a 3-4 week acclimation period. All materials needed for the acclimation period are provided free of charge, including the outdoor enclosure, food, litter, toys, and more, thanks to a generous grant from Neighborhood Cats.

By applying to adopt a pair of fire cats, you are making a lifesaving impact for these displaced cats, their previous Lahaina caretakers, and the shelter pets of MHS.

Learn More About OFCPP

*Updated: 01/19/2023


Help bring a Lahaina pet home to their Ohana

Do you know someone who lost their pet during the fire? Help us reunite them by joining our Found Lahaina Pets Facebook group, which shares pets in MHS’ care still searching for their Ohanas through our extensive Airtable database.

If you believe your pet may be in the care of Maui Humane Society, please contact our Reunification Team at [email protected] as soon as possible to arrange a visit to our shelter and off-site locations.

Mahalo nui loa to those in our community who dedicate their time to bringing ohanas back together. It truly takes a village – let’s work together to identify and reunite these pets!


Offer a helping hand to Lahaina's pets and people

Resources have been stretched as we continue to care for pets affected by the fires, and our volunteers are critical in ensuring all animals are cared for. We have a wide array of ways to get involved in general shelter operations, and we also have wildfire specific opportunities, including but not limited to:

  • Joining our 4EverPets donation distribution team
  • Helping at MHS’ Lahaina Resource & Donation Distribution Center
  • Caring for displaced cats at MHS’ Cat Annex in Wailuku
  • Assisting with trapping and feeding efforts in the burn zone

Support the pets of Maui by becoming a volunteer today!


Foster a pet and save a life

Fostering saves lives. While new pets enter our doors daily, we are continuing to care for displaced pets from the Lahaina fires who would love a break from the shelter. Fostering is free, easy, and makes a world of a difference to pets in need.


Funds raised in the aftermath of the fires are expected to support these lifesaving programs and initiatives for the next two years, but this disaster’s impact on our community’s pets and people will last much longer. We cannot continue this work without your support. Please make a gift to Maui’s pets.