Off-Island Adoptions

Fallen in love with your Beach Buddy or an animal on our website? Maui Humane Society specializes in off-island adoptions! Have you visited Maui and don’t want your vacation to end? Now, you don’t have to! Bring a piece of Maui home with you without Pele’s Curse!

An off-island adoption means you get to take a part of your Maui vacation home with you! The easiest, least expensive & fastest way to get your new furry-family member with you is to add them to your airline ticket by calling the airline directly. Booking done by the passenger is the most secure way to ensure your pet will arrive at your destination. There is a minimum of roughly 3-5 days to prepare the animal to fly. Airlines require all animals leaving the state of Hawaii to have a health certificate, vaccinations & rabies vaccine (for animals 3 months+).

A few things to be prepared for before speaking to our Customer Service Representatives and Transfer Coordinator about

  • What airline are you flying?
  • When are you flying home?
  • Have you called the airline to see if you can add the pet to your booking yet?
    • If yes – please add the animal to your ticket/flight! (This is typically around $100-$150)
    • If not, please call them directly. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions & travel embargos, the number of animals allowed on flights has decreased significantly.

Now that we know the animal can fly with you & you have your flight information, now we can start to prepare the animal for their journey!

  • MHS will schedule the health certification, rabies & adoption paperwork. Health certs & rabies vaccinations are typically performed on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays, while we are open (11am-5pm).
    • Rabies Vaccine – $20
    • Health Certificate – $40
  • When the animal is traveling as a passenger (i.e. added the animal to your ticket, whether in cabin or cargo), you will need to ask the airline the required time prior to departure.
    • If adding to your ticket, typically 2-3 hours before the flight
  • If MHS needs to speak to the airline (to book) or requires transportation from MHS to airport, there may be a booking fee of $50.
  • If boarding is required at MHS, there may be a daily fee.

For more information, please speak to our Customer Service Representatives at 808-877-3680 ext. 3.


That Pup DJ - Beach Buddy turned into off-island adoption to Chicago