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Maui Humane Society has partnered with GoodPup to provide our adopters, fosters, and community members with convenient, affordable, science-backed dog training!

Training sessions are adapted to your schedule! GoodPup offers individualized attention, motivation, and guidance from experienced private trainers – anytime, anywhere. Private 1:1 video call sessions with your trainer are available any day of the week from the comfort of your home! Trainers tailor techniques to your dog and home, provide alternate strategies when something isn’t working, and are always there to answer your questions.

We hope you’ll join us and GoodPup in our shared mission to develop stronger bonds, healthier relationships, and better communication with our pets!

3 Ways To Get Involved

sign up up today for goodpup!

By signing up with GoodPup using this link you’ll get a FREE week, and a 10% discount for life! Not only that, but Maui Humane Society receives a kickback donation from GoodPup for each of our community members that sign up!

Adopt & Train

Training is a great way to bond with your dog – so include the whole family! Quick, fun, daily practice stimulates your dog’s mind and encourages good behavior. Your trainer checks in throughout the week to see how everyone’s doing.

Sponsor a Shelter Dog!

GoodPup is taking our shelter pups back to school! Sometimes shelter dogs could use a brush up on their skills. By sponsoring a scholarship, one of our lucky pups receives 4 weeks of individualized training; dramatically increasing their chances of adoption! The GoodPup scholarship follows the dog, even after they get adopted while training! Scholarship training is available for volunteers, fosters, and new adopters too!


What is Good Pup?

The new standard in dog training! Customized video call training sessions for you and your dog. Goodpup suits any age of dog, and uses only positive reinforcement techniques! GoodPup is the highest rated training app in the iOS App Store and has helped 55,000+ dogs across North America.

Where & When do training sessions occur?

Training sessions are adapted to your schedule! Private 1:1 video call sessions with your trainer are available any day of the week from the comfort of your home! Between sessions, use GoodPup’s illustrated practice guides and chat with your trainer whenever you have questions.

What does it cost?

Get started with a FREE trial and a lifetime discount! Training is customized for you and your dog’s specific needs! Enjoy a free week on us, as well as a lifetime discount as a supporter of Maui Humane Society to help you get started. Training needs are assessed by consultation and subsequent sessions are billed on a weekly subscription. For more details on the deal, click the button at the bottom of the page!

How does this help Maui Humane Society?

GoodPup donates to Maui Humane Society! For each person who trains with GoodPup, we receive a donation that helps us continue our lifesaving work. Ours shelter dogs also receiving Goodpup training through sponsored scholarships!

adopter testimonials
adopter testimonials

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