Maui Humane Society/Pethub New License for Renewal 2023-2024

Pictured above: 2023-2024 MHS/PetHub License

2023-2024 Dog Licenses are HERE!!

If you need an updated license for 2023-2024, you can click the button below.

Maui County’s dog licensing fees cost $76 if your dog is intact, or only $11 with proof of spay or neuter.

Watch the video below to get started in activating your new license today!!

Maui County Code 6.04.020 requires that all dogs over the age of four months be currently licensed. That includes indoor dogs, dogs that are kenneled or fenced, and dogs that never leave your property. Dog licenses must be current, clearly visible and worn by your dog at all times. Dog licenses are not transferrable from one owner to the next or from one dog to another. If you give your dog to someone else the new owner must license the dog and the original owner can and should contact the shelter and let us know that you no longer own the dog.

Owning or harboring an unlicensed dog carries a maximum penalty of $500.

Dog licenses can be purchased or renewed:

  • In person at Maui Humane Society during regular business hours.
  • In person at your local DMV office.
  • By mail. Mail this form to PO Box 1047, Puunene, HI 96784. Additional $10 processing fee applies.
  • Online at the link above. Additional $10 processing fee applies.

Licenses are valid for two calendar years.
The licensing fee for an unaltered dog is $76, or only $11 with proof that the animal has been spayed or neutered. Replacement license tags can be purchased if they get lost for only $5.00.

A license is your pet’s ticket home should he or she stray or become lost.
We highly recommend additional ID such as microchips – however, these do NOT replace the need for your dog to have a current county license.
Help your pet get home by keeping your contact information up to date. Contact customer service at [email protected] or (808) 877-3680 x3 with your new address and phone number.

Am I required to license my cat?
You are not legally required to license your cat, However, ID tags or a microchip for your cat will greatly increase the odds that your cat will be returned to you in the event that he or she strays or becomes lost.