What is SOS Foster?

When the space in our shelter becomes limited due to the high population of animals, we urgently need the community to open their hearts and homes for ~2 weeks, to open up space for new animals.

What's SOS Foster vs. Regular Foster?

For SOS Foster, we need to move the population of animals, so we require no training. We will pair you with a dog or cat that matches your lifestyle.

Why is it urgent?

High population = High stress. Many animals in the shelter start to show signs of mental decline. It means they need to be removed from the stressors of the shelter (at least for a temporary period). Mental decline can quickly lead to undesired behavior issues.

I've never fostered before. I don't think I can help.

Now is the PERFECT time to dip your toe into fostering! These animals need you; we need you! You don’t need any training and we’ll set you up with the necessities (like food and meds) to get you started!

Who is available to foster?

Check out the available animals below that would love to go home with you today! If you’re looking for additional information on them, please visit their bios, additional photos and videos.

3 Year Old. Male.

Intelligent, skilled, housetrained.
Mental decline in the kennels.
Restrictions: Sage should meet any dogs he would be living with in a home prior to PTA/adoption. At this point, we would recommend Sage goes home as an only dog.

9 Year Old. Male.

Duke enjoys all kinds of scratches, especially on his face, and will always enjoy someone being by his side
Restrictions: No kids – is afraid of kids. Should meet anyone he would be living with prior to foster. Dog to Dog needed. May prefer to be an only dog.

8 Year Old. Male.

Sheldon is a very active boy! He will need an adopter that can give him daily mental and physical stimulation
Restrictions: Sheldon is dog selective and should meet any dog he might be living with in the home prior to adoption

1 Year Old. Male.

Rico is a young and active boy!
Restrictions: Rico is not a candidate to be adopted by first time dog owners due to his behavioral needs.

5 Year Old. Female.

Athena is a cuddle bug, is good with cats and is house trained!
Restrictions: Athena will need to go to a home that is accessible for a three-legged dog. Athena is sound sensitive and would do best in a quieter home. Athena should be an only dog in the home. 

Louie Arfstrong
2 Year Old. Male.

Louie is a big and active boy and likes other playful dogs!
Restrictions: Should meet anyone he would be living with prior. Dog to Dog needed. No young kids because he could knock them over due to his size!

6 Year Old. Female.

Baby enjoys easygoing, playful dogs and dapper male dogs.  Video link : https://youtu.be/uzZQ5B9wjPY
Restrictions: Dog to dog needed. May prefer to be the only dog. No cats.

9 Year Old. Male.

Cuddle bug house trained! Could go with brother Mambo or alone
Restrictions: No young kids.

10 Year Old. Male.

Likes other dogs! Could go with brother Winston or alone.
Restrictions: No young kids due to having sensitive lower back/hind legs

2 Year Old. Male.

Likes other playful dogs but dog to dog needed. Loves to learn and is super treat motivated!!
Restrictions: Jumpy and may knock over young kids – no young kids

9 Year Old. Male.

Likes playful dogs. Needs time when adjusting to a new environment. Treat motivated! Sweet and silly once he settles and gets to know you
Restrictions: No young kids. Dog to dog needed. Tracker collar needed.

9 Year Old. Male.

A little shy at first – I love to have my jaws and back scratched, treats make me smile (until I need to eat them, then I close my mouth, I do have manners), I like other dogs and have really enjoyed the youngsters in play group and I’ve been known to jump a fence.
Restrictions: Will have surgery on his legs 

7 Year Old. Female.

I like being around easy going dogs and having a canine companion would help me get used to my new home and show me what it’s like to be part of a real family.
Restrictions: No young kids. Should meet anyone she would be living with prior to foster. Tracker collar needed.

9 Year Old. Male.

From Kanaio’s past owners: “”Kanaio is a very sweet boy. He loves people and seems to like other dogs. Kanaio enjoys going on walks and is treat motivated. He knows his name and “sit”. He likes to run around and play with people. Kanaio is afraid of the vaccum and squeaky toys and doesn’t like the crate. He does like toys that have food like the wobbler, slow feeder, licky mat.”
Restrictions: Dog to Dog needed. 

1 Year Old. Female.

Rusti is a smart and active girl!
Restrictions: Needs daily mental and physical stimulation. May benefit from going home with another dog. Dog to dog needed.

Rose Nylund
7 Year Old. Female.

I’m a friendly lady so it’s been pretty easy to make lots of new friends
Restrictions: None

6 Year Old. Male.

I’m a big softy that’s looking for a little TLC these days. I was beat up by another cat, and luckily it’s healing up.
Restrictions: None

2 Year Old. Female.

Very sweet and talkative
Restrictions: Recommended only cat

2 Year Old. Female.

Surrendered with her 8 kittens due to family having to move. Perfect cuddle buddy.
Restrictions: Recommended only cat

2 Year Old. Female.

Surrendered with her 5 kittens. Very sweet girl who keeps to herself
Restrictions: None

1 Year Old. Male.

Squish is very playful gets along with younger and older cats and per finder gets along with dogs as well
Restrictions: None (medication for blocked tear ducts)

1 Year Old. Female.

Surrendered with her 4 kittens owners. Very loving girl.
Restrictions: None

1 Year Old. Female.

I like to play with toys, earn lots and pets
Restrictions: None

6 Months. Male.

Dumped at MHS. Very sweet, talkative boy.
Restrictions: None

5 Months. Male.

Very sweet boy once given the opportunity.
Restrictions: None

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