Fire Response Efforts

Our Work Continues

As we continue caring for injured and displaced animals of the Lahaina fires, we are committed to supporting Maui’s pets and people. Resources and financial support for pet owners impacted are available, and there are countless ways to help our community heal.


Report Animal Abuse

Maui Humane Society’s Humane Enforcement Officers conducted 474 animal cruelty investigations last year. We need our community to take a stand against animal abuse. If you see something, say something.

Humane Enforcement Truck

Found Kittens?

Leave That Kitten Where It's Sittin'!

When we find a litter of kittens, more often than not, mom is nearby! She is most likely hunting for food to provide for her babies, and she will return shortly. The best thing you can do is leave the kittens where they are.



Events & Promos

Think You Have The Cutest Pet on Maui? Prove It!

Think You Have The Cutest Pet on Maui? Prove It!

Maui Humane Society’s Calendar Contest is back, in partnership with Maui’s firefighters to raise awareness for pets in need. Pet parents bid for a photoshoot with firefighters, leading to voting for the 2025 calendar’s top 12 photos.


5-year-old Mele is ready to settle down with your ohana

5-year-old Mele is ready to settle down with your ohana

This five-year-old girl from the Maui Humane Society is ready to show her love and spunk to her next forever ohana. According to her foster family, Mele loves to give cuddles, kisses and loves to be present with both keiki and kupuna.

Wags N’ Whiskers: Taz

Wags N’ Whiskers: Taz

Taz is a bundle of joy, known for his playful nature and boundless enthusiasm. He adores people of all ages and particularly enjoys frolicking at the beach, where he delights in leaping into the waves with the grace of a dolphin. Taz’s resilience and loving spirit make him a perfect candidate for those seeking a loyal and affectionate four-legged friend.

Maui Humane Society’s mission is to protect and save the lives of Maui’s animals, accepting all in need, educating the community, and inspiring respect and compassion towards all animals.