Wings of Aloha Transfer Program

Last year, Maui Humane Society accepted over 6,000 animals. The Wings of Aloha program was created to fly pets to the mainland where there are animal welfare partners and new owners waiting for Maui’s homeless pets. Believe it or not there are animal welfare groups on the mainland who don’t struggle with pet overpopulation or lack of adopters the way we do on Maui! The Wings of Aloha Program encourages a strong working partnership with these welfare groups, provides the highest standard for the health and safety of our shelter pets, and gives them the second chance at a long and cherished life that they truly deserve by transferring animals to adoption guaranteed rescues and shelters. Maui Humane Society is committed to saving more lives and can do so by relocating some of our animals to places where there is a higher demand for adoptable dogs and cats.

How Wings of Aloha Saves Lives

Why fly shelter animals to the mainland?
Every effort possible is currently being made to find forever homes locally, but there are simply not enough available adopters on the island to re-home the thousands of adoptable pets we receive every year. Public education and spaying and neutering pets are long term solutions to this problem, but meanwhile Maui Humane Society is also committed to saving the lives of our shelter pets, today, in any way possible.

While we do transfer locally, space is equally limited. Our only other option, due to the fact that we are an island community, is to transfer animals by air to shelters or rescues on the mainland.

How are animals chosen for Wings of Aloha program?

There are several factors we consider when choosing animals for the Wings of Aloha program. In general, we give priority to dogs and cats that have been with us at the shelter the longest, but for whatever reason are not being adopted. While all our animals receive the highest standard of care, some dogs and cats just don’t thrive in the shelter environment and start to exhibit behavioral symptoms over time. If foster care is not available for them locally, transferring them to rescues on the mainland where they will be cared for in a foster home setting is crucial to their well-being.

Where do the animals get sent?

Our Wings of Aloha pets are currently being transferred to participating partners in Washington State, California and Oregon. If you are involved in a rescue or foster program and would like to partner with Maui Humane Society for the Wings of Aloha program, please contact our Transfer Coordinator at  (808) 877-3680 ext. 3509 or email [email protected].

How often are animals transferred through Wings of Aloha?

From July 2018 to June 2019, Maui Humane Society transferred 870 animals through our Wings of Aloha program. That’s an average of 73 animals every month!

Who pays for these animals to be transferred on the Wings of Aloha program?
Since its inception, the Wings of Aloha program was a 100% donor-funded program. As of October 2017, the Maui Humane Society received a four-year grant from The Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation to fully pay for all of the costs associated with this program. MHS is extremely grateful to the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation for their generosity and for truly making a difference in the lives of Maui’s pets.

What can I do to support Wings of Aloha program? 
The Maui Humane Society is always looking for temporary foster care for Wings of Aloha animals. Once an animal is selected for Wings of Aloha, they can be transferred into foster care until the date they are scheduled to fly to their destination, which creates immediate space at the shelter for other homeless pets in need. If you are interested in becoming a Wings of Aloha foster parent, contact us and let us know!


Do you have other questions about Wings of Aloha that are not addressed on this page?
E-mail your questions to [email protected] or call (808) 877-3680 ext. 3509 –
we’ll do our best to answer them!