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4everpets keeps animals at home

The 4EverPets program was designed to help people keep their pets

4EverPets is a community resource to assist low-income families and individuals of Maui, as well as those experiencing financial hardship, who need help caring for their beloved pets. Our goal is to help provide the resources needed in order to prevent people from having to surrender their pets to the shelter and allow their animal companions to remain in a loving home. Check out our 4EverPets FAQs to learn more!

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Help Us Help Our Community


We’re grateful for PetSmart Charities for providing funding to establish the 4EverPets program. 4EverPets is both grant and donor funded.  Grants we received allow us to primarily provide assistance with pet food with some allocations to allow us to reach our ultimate goal… to keep pets in their homes. 

Private donations of supplies and money allow us to provide support with non-food items, such as leashes, collars, training for dogs in need, licensing for spayed and neutered dogs, etc.

If you would like to donate any supplies, please label them “4EverPets” and drop them off at MHS. If you would like to make a monetary donation, please click the link below or make a donation in person at the shelter noting 4EverPets on your check or donation form.   

Watch to see the impact of 4EverPets in the community below

Are you experiencing financial hardship?

We can provide a monthly supply of food, flea medicine, and other supplies such as kitty litter, leashes, collars, harnesses, food bowls, etc. You can schedule an appointment to pick up supplies.

Does your pet exhibit challenging behaviors?

Our behavior specialist will work with you to provide the correct resources for training and education, and 4EverPets can supply the necessary tools to help turn the behaviors around. 

Are you moving off-island?

We can offer advice regarding flights, as well as assisting with the necessary steps that need to be taken prior to travel, including health certificates, vaccines, travel kennels and paperwork.

Do you need help with your setup?

If you have an issue with your dog escaping your yard or need some assistance securing your pet, we can help provide kennels, dog houses, tie-outs, and other solutions that work for your unique situation. 

Is there something else we can help you with?

If we can do something to help you keep your pets with you, please let us know and we will do our best to work with you! 

If 4EverPets can help you, please connect with Kristen, Outreach Coordinator, today!  She is available by phone 808-495-6242 or email  to talk about how we can work together.

Behavior Care Team

Do you need help teaching your pet new behaviors while decreasing unwanted ones?

Please check out the resource page on our website for training tips & tools for common behavioral issues.

Do you have a behavior question or problem you’d like to discuss with our trainer?

Note: Due to the potential for serious injury, canine and feline aggression are best handled by a professional who specializes in aggressive behaviors. Because phone or email counseling is inadequate for addressing serious behavior concerns, we ask that you contact a qualified professional for help.

Looking for private or group training options?

There are a couple options for you. We have Rally and Obedience classes that take place at MHS on various nights of the weeks (sign up is required). Or you can visit Ohana Pet Training for a variety of training options.

How to Participate


  1. Provide your name, contact information and number of pets when signing up online.
  2. Participate in spay/neuter (low/no cost surgery is available at MHS including microchipping, vaccinations and licensing)
  3. Bring your State-issued identification to pick up food
Schedule Food Pickup

To sign up for a food pickup date and time, please go to www.calendly.com/4everpets;  food distribution takes place at Maui Humane Society.  You can also email 4EverPets@mauihumanesociety.org directly to discuss your situation and needs.  If you don’t have access to the internet you can call or text the Outreach Coordinator at (808) 495-6242.   

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