Beat of Hawaii: Alaska Angels.

Here is an ingenious way to help relocate dogs and cats still stranded on Maui following the Lahaina fire to the mainland. The program is courtesy of the Maui Humane Society and a unique partnership with Alaska Airlines.

Normally the cost to ship a dog or cat alone is significant and requires significant coordination. But with this program, when the free Hawaii flight (for the pet) is connected to a paying passenger, the price first plummets to $150, then becomes free when this program from Maui Humane Society kicks in.

A foundation picks up that lower shipping charge, a Maui to mainland passenger agrees to have the dog or cat connected to their Alaska Air reservation, and animal groups coordinate everything at the Maui departure and mainland arrival airports? The details are below.

Wings of Aloha: Alaska Angels Teams with Maui Humane Society.

This program allows shelter animals to travel from Maui to the mainland via Alaska Airlines in collaboration with the Maui Humane Society. You can be the invaluable human connection by registering your return flight to the mainland with Wings of Aloha. A coordinator will call you if the flight aligns with an animal’s travel plans.

To participate, you’ll arrive three hours before departure and meet the Maui Humane Society team, who will handle all arrangements and stay with you and the dog or cat through check-in. At the arrival airport, an animal transfer partner will meet you 30 minutes after arrival at baggage claim.

Wings of Aloha partners with mainland animal welfare organizations that can provide assistance that Maui can’t for pet overpopulation and a lack of pet adopters. The program ensures the health and safety of shelter pets through the highest standard of care provided throughout the transfer process.

Is there any cost at all to participate? No!

All you need to do is fly from Hawaii on Alaska Airlines departing Maui. Otherwise, “Participation is free! Thanks to the support of the Maui Humane Society and Alaska Airlines, the cost of the flight is covered. The Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation covers all other costs, including the pet’s health certificate, travel kennel, transport to the airport, etc.”

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