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Pu’unene, HI (12/21/22): Now through January 2, you can make a positive impact in Maui’s community by becoming a “Foster for the Holidays” which provides a temporary warm, cozy, and safe environment home for a pet in need during the holiday season. Maui Humane Society currently has 340 animals in their care, with over 100 dogs.

Population levels have recently increased at Maui Humane Society for two main reasons: 1) influx of scared, stray animals, as animals have run from their homes due to the Kona low storm and fireworks 2) The Wings of Aloha life-saving program has received more than a week’s worth of cancelled flights due to mainland weather conditions. That’s why becoming a Foster for the Holidays could not come at a more impactful time.

“Fostering for the Holidays is simple, free and lifesaving,” stated Nikki Russell, Director of Community Outreach. “You can save a shelter animal this holiday season simply by calling or walking through our doors and stating you’re looking to Foster for the Holidays. Our staff will provide all the supplies you need, at no cost to you.”

Fireworks have been set off every night and will likely continue through the new year. Ensure your animal is wearing identification and if your animal isn’t microchipped, make an appointment with your vet. If you find a stray animal and it is safe at your home, hold onto the animal for 48 hours. Immediately call our Humane Enforcement Officers (808-877-3680 ext. 222). You will be asked to file a found report on Maui Humane Society’s website.

Fostering makes a difference in the community, to you and the life of an animal by giving them the love and environment they need outside the shelter. Additionally, fostering helps socialize the animal, making them more adoptable and improving their chances of finding a forever home.

Maui Humane Society is located off Maui Veterans Highway on Mehameha Loop, Puunene and is open 7 days a week from 11am-5pm. (Holidays may impact operating hours). Visit mauihumanesociety.org or call 808-877-3680 to Foster for the Holidays.


About Maui Humane Society:
Maui Humane Society is the island’s only open admission shelter, accepting all animals in need. The organization cares for over 4900 animals a year. The shelter has a robust foster and volunteer program, transfers hundreds of animals through Wings of Aloha flights to adoption-guaranteed homes, practices TNR as a humane method of reducing the community cat population and provides food and supplies at no cost to disadvantaged pet owners through the 4EverPets community outreach program. Visit http://www.mauihumanesociety.org for more information.