cat in carrier

A cat carrier is a vital tool for every cat owner. It allows you to transport your cat safely to and from the vet. It is also very helpful to have in emergencies.

An ideal carrier is made of sturdy plastic and has a metal door (avoid doors made of plastic as they are more prone to breakage). Soft-sided carriers are popular but may not be ideal for a large cat and some cats are smart enough to get through zippered enclosures. The carrier should be
large enough for your cat to turn around in.

Read this 4 step process on how to make your cat comfortable with a carrier.

Always inspect your carrier for any defects or loose parts so that your pet stays safe during travel. If your cat isn’t comfortable in his or her carrier, it will be difficult or impossible to get him or her into it, and your cat will be stressed out when confined to the carrier.

Considering the importance and usefulness of a cat carrier, it pays to work toward making the carrier a pleasant experience for your cat. With a little patience, you
can help teach your cat to ride in a carrier.

The key is to make sure that all of your cat’s experiences with the carrier are positive, which will make traveling with your pet more pleasant and comfortable for everyone.