Best Friends: Cat Enrichment: Toys, Puzzles, Aromatherapy and More

February 9, 2021

Providing for your cat’s mental well-being is just as important as providing for her physical well-being. So, meeting your cat’s mental and emotional needs helps her to lead a fulfilling life and have fewer behavior issues, and also allows you to forge a stronger bond with her.

How do you provide enrichment for your cat? There are a number of ways, such as giving her a variety of toys, providing perches, training and playing games with your cat, and much more.

Click on the image for further information on self-play toys for cats, food puzzles, interactive toys, using vertical space, catteries and catios, aromatherapy and more!

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Dogs Trust USA Commits $25,000 to Assist Financially Disadvantaged Dog Owners

Dogs Trust USA Commits $25,000 to Assist Financially Disadvantaged Dog Owners

Maui Humane Society is facing an unprecedented dog population that continues to push the boundaries of the shelter’s capacity. The main reason for surrender is the inability for owners to afford the high cost of veterinary bills, followed by a lack of pet friendly housing throughout the island. Dogs Trust USA, an organization which aims to help as many dogs as possible in the United States, committed $25,000 to assist financially disadvantaged dog owners receive access to low-cost and no-cost spay/neuter services and medical assistance.

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