Clear the Shelter

Through September 18th, Maui Humane Society has waived all adoption fees through Clear the Shelter. On the last day of the event, we are hosting a ONE DAY adoption event on September 18th from 11-3pm. Now is the best time to adopt a pet! All you have to do is show up at the Shelter between 11-3pm to meet your new cat, kitten, critter or dog for your ohana. No appointments and no fees, as the adoption event has been sponsored by the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation. Try your new furry friend out with our Paws to Adopt program, a 10 day trial with a pet before needing to commit to an adoption! (County licensing fees for dogs still applies, puppies and kokua breeds are excluded from promotion). We’ll have food trucks and vendors ready for your (socially distant) entertainment.

We love saving lives, and there is no question that fee-waived adoption events SAVE LIVES. They bring out adopters, cut the length of stay for shelter animals, and create precious space in the shelter for others in need.

What’s your COVID protocol?

Masks are required at all times (including keiki!). Due to updated Maui County COVID laws, we will need to restrict the amount of people let into the shelter. Please limit to 3 people per party. When you first arrive, you will be greeted by a front office ambassador who will let you know if we are at capacity or not. We have hand sanitizer stations throughout the shelter.

In order to protect our community and staff, we ask if you are having any COVID symptoms, please do not show.

How long can I visit the animals?

As we expect many potential adopters, we are asking for your patience as we have limited staff and resources. Potential cat/kitten adopters will have 15 minutes while potential dog adopters will have 30 minutes. Cat/Kitten adopters will have group adoptions every 60 minutes. Dog adoptions will be on an individual basis. Please note all adoptions are first come, first serve.

Is it true that most animals who are adopted from fee-waived events end up back at the shelter?

No! The vast majority of animals adopted at fee-waived events remain in loving homes. This study conducted by Maddie’s Fund concluded that fee-waived animals are also just as likely to remain in their homes as fee-paid animals.

Can I bring my own dog to meet their potential new sibling?

We encourage you to bring your dog to the shelter so your current dog can meet! We will be holding dog-to-dog meetings in a few of our play yards, but this will require staff monitoring. Please communicate to our staff if you have a dog with you. We ask for your patience as we organize and manage on the fly with our limited staff.

Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation

Mahalo to the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation for sponsoring this adoption event! That means that all the cost of vaccinations, neutering or spaying, grooming, and other needs that need to be taken care of are fully sponsored!