A dog who was reportedly hit by a car and shot in the head with a .22 caliber bullet managed to survive the harrowing incidents thanks to Good Samaritan and six weeks of care at the Maui Humane Society.

The 11-month-old pup, She Ra, wandered into the yard of retired teacher, 73-year-old Steven Kanada, on Saturday, June 5.

“We found the dog in our yard and it drank a gallon of water, it was so thirsty,” Kanada told the Maui Humane Society. “The dog was friendly so we took her inside. The highway is behind our house, that might be where she came from.”

Kanada wrapped up the dog and brought it to Maui Humane Society, fearing the worst. Upon intake at the shelter, it was noted that the young female puppy had a circular hole in her temple was bleeding from body injuries consistent with road rash, and had a large open wound on her jaw.

On-call veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Fitzpatrick rushed to the shelter to assess the situation and provide the dog with pain medications, antibiotics and wound treatment. Her jaw was supported as x-rays were ordered.

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