Family Separated From 13 Cats in Maui Fires Reunited With a Piece of Their Hearts Named Rudy

A Maui family was devastated when fires separated them from their 13 cats. But thanks to a kind stranger, they had a heartwarming reunion with one of them, Rudy, a friendly black and white kitty survivor. Everyone hopes in the coming days, the remaining cats will find their way back home, too!

“Rudy’s owners had 13 cats they got separated from during the fires, and so far Rudy has been the only one to have been sighted,” shared Maui Humane Society.

Rudy somehow made it out of the Lahaina fires that started August 8, but his paws were badly singed. Four days after the fires, a kind woman spotted him struggling. Despite all the chaos, she took the time to feed and keep an eye on him, intending to catch him at the first opportunity.

It took some time, but by August 30, she caught the kitty and brought him to Maui Humane Society’s clinic. There, he received intensive ongoing care for over a month. Right away, they found a microchip, which led to Rudy’s family. After a phone call, they were overjoyed by the news that Rudy was alive, but a reunion had to be delayed. Sadly, Rudy’s prior veterinarian’s office burned down, and he required intensive daily treatments which would continue for over a month.

Even while undergoing all the treatments and in terrible pain, Rudy just wanted to give love to everyone.

“Rudy’s parents were so grateful and wanted to bring Rudy home right away, but his injuries were severe; their vet in Lahaina was also destroyed in the fires. Rudy remained in Maui Humane Society’s care for the weeks to come so we could treat his injuries, get him healthy and send him home.”

Every day, the veterinarians dedicatingly helped Rudy recover. His paws were so painful he needed sedation while they cleaned and bandaged them. Fortunately, high-tech laser treatments helped speed up the healing process, but it was a long road.

Five and a half weeks later, he had made enough progress to go home. It was time for that reunion everyone had been waiting for!

“Since his first day receiving care, our vet staff reports that Rudy was a very sweet and friendly boy for all of his treatments. This past Friday Rudy ‘graduated’ from our hospital. He was finally ready to go home!”

We can’t imagine what this family is going through, but it’s so incredible to see their reunion with adorable and healthy Rudy. Maui Humane Society described the emotional day that gave the Ohana family back a piece of their hearts.

“It was an emotional reunion for Rudy and his Ohana. He purred and purred as he was finally in his parents arms again. We are so grateful to be able to give this family a piece of the heart back. Mahalo to the woman that found Rudy for making sure he was fed, for not giving up on him and for bringing him in for care. Mahalo to all of our vet staff and veterinary volunteers from across the state for helping us provide the best care for Maui’s animals,” they shared.

In response, a Hawaii resident shared this touching comment on Facebook.

“I am so grateful that Rudy was found and received such amazing care, thank you thank you MHS,” said Lisa P. “Praying that his 12 siblings are found and are safe and healthy, and praying for all of the animals who are still missing. We are still crying every night for our beautiful island and all of those suffering terrible, terrible losses and devastation. It is still so hard to accept that this happened. Wonderful stories of lives saved are so hopeful, thank you.”

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