Fire Relief Food Distribution

In the weeks since the fires, Maui Humane Society has been humbled by an outpouring of donated pet food and supplies from around the world. We take our responsibility to provide care and support to the impacted community very seriously, and this also includes being good stewards of the donations we’ve received.

Food and supplies are being distributed to those who are in need. This includes existing and new 4EverPets clients, fire first responders, displaced Lahaina residents, and others as resources allow. 

Maui Humane Society is currently supplying daily cat food to almost 100 feeding stations in the Lahaina burn zone to support the hundreds of cats who remain without a food source. This is in addition to providing food for the pets belonging to thousands of evacuees. As a result, there is less cat food available to provide to those who are not on the aforementioned list of those in need. Although we are appreciative of colony caretakers and recognize the personal expense required to manage a colony, we are not in a position to provide food to cat colonies at this time, unless they have been directly impacted by the fires. 

As an organization, we strive to be pono in all that we do. We ask our community to do the right thing and be pono; allow those who are truly impacted by the Maui wildfire to come first. Together we will continue to work to ensure that victims of this tragedy are provided with necessary resources. Mahalo.