Take your foster hero status to the next level by helping your foster animal get adopted! Check out these resources picked by our foster team to show your foster pet’s best side and score them a loving home:

Maddie's 'Market Your Foster' Course

Nobody knows your fosters better than you do, which is why we need your help to gather the information needed to match them with the perfect home. Maddie’s ‘Market Your Foster’ course is a great place to start!

Find out how to:

  • write a compelling bio
  • take great photos and videos 
  • increase exposure for your pet using social media, & more!


Take the Course
Maddie's Foster Caregiver Marketing Guide (Printable)

Maddie’s Foster Marketing Guide has a lot of the same information as the course, but in a printable/downloadable format!

Find out how to:

  • use the right language to write a compelling biography
  • take great photos and videos that will help ‘sell’ your foster animal to potential adopters
  • increase exposure for your pet using social media, & more!


Maddie’s Foster Caregiver Marketing Guide
Maui Humane Society's 'How To' Guide for Pet Photos and Bios

These are MHS-specific instructions for formatting your foster pet’s bio and photo, which will be used to feature your adoptable foster animal on our website.

A ‘How-To’ Guide for Pet Photos and Bios
How to Take Photos of Kittens: Cell Phone Edition

Check out this video for tips on how to take an amazing photo of your foster animal with a cell phone!