Hawaii News Now: Maui Humane Society fears euthanasia may be only option for dogs at overcrowded facility

Maui Humane Society is begging for help as it deals with extremely overcrowded conditions at its shelter.

If no action is taken, they may be forced to euthanize some of the animals.

“We have never come out to the community before to talk about euthanasia the way that we are now, and what we’re trying to do is increase our transparency to really showcase we need help,” said Maui Humane Society Marketing Director Katie Shannon.

Brutus is a 4-year-old, 68-pound, Shar Pei-mixed breed.

He loves back scratches and toys that are squeaky. He is at risk of being euthanized.

The Maui Humane Society has 40 kennels, but they are caring for more than 130 dogs.

Shelter officials say a handful are at risk of being euthanized in order to make more room.

They say on average, about five animals are surrendered to them every day, and not enough are going out.

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