FOX weather: Mahina Story

MAUI, Hawaii – It took a village to get Mahina the cat from Hawaii to her lost family in Montana.

The pet’s loved ones were displaced after the devastating fires that tore through Maui after one of the country’s deadliest wildfires on Aug. 8, 2023. Nearly half of the 100 killed by the fires were over the age of 70 when flames overtook much of Lahaina.

After the fires, Mahina’s family relocated to the mainland, the Maui Humane Society said. They filed a lost pet report as soon as they lost her, but when they moved, they weren’t sure if they’d ever be reunited with Mahina.

Fortunately, the humane society’s Fire Task Force found Mahina after the cat spent 100 days in the fire zone.

The owner of Mahina was identified through the cat’s microchip, and they were ecstatic to discover their furry friend was safe and sound.

Mahina finally arrived after dealing with flights in snowy Montana weather. She was thrilled to be reunited with her family to watch NFL football, one of her favorite treats besides playing with her feather toy.

The Maui Humane Society covered the cost of Mahina’s health certificate and travel. Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines ensured she was safe and sound on her flight, and a trusted transporter brought her from Seattle to Montana.

Mahina’s family has reported that she is doing great and is very happy today.

“She stays strictly inside now, but since we are in Montana, she hasn’t wanted to go outside because of the snow,” Mahina’s family told the humane society. “She’s so goofy and is so happy to be home with her parents!”

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