Aloha Community Cat Supporters!


In an effort to be able to accommodate as many spay/neuter surgeries as possible we will be asking and requiring everyone to adhere to our policies on scheduling community spay/neuter services.

We require all appointments be booked by the person named in the reservation. 


  • There should be no other cats brought to appointment other than the ones booked by you. The name on cat’s trap should be the same as reservation holder.
  • As the person holding a TNR appointment slot, you can only bring in the animals that are from your own colonies.
  • You cannot offer your unused slots to other people.
  • All cats coming in under TNR appointments will be ear tipped
  • No pet cats on Feral Cat Monday’s
  • Paperwork and labeling of cat’s traps must be completed BEFORE you arrive on Feral Cat Monday’s. (If you don’t know how to do this, our Community Cat Coordinator can train you)
  • All cats must come in a secure trap.
  • If someone is trapping for you (especially if the trapper is trapping for multiple people) you need to be present at surgery check in. This will ensure that the information for their location is accurate.
  • If you are trapping for someone, they still need to be present at the time of surgery check in. Again, we need accurate locations in PetPoint to assure the best outcomes for the cats. We discourage transporters as this slows down the surgery intake process and causes a backlog in the mornings which in turn causes surgery to start late which then lowers our surgery capabilities. However, If you absolutely must use a transporter for your TNR appointments the following is required to be completed.

BEFORE arriving at check in:

  • Paperwork completed in full before arrival to surgery appointment.
  • All traps need to be labeled (these labels should match the reservation name) with a total of 3 pieces of duct tape; one on the towel and two on the trap.
  • PLEASE NOTE: TRAPS must be used. Carriers will not be accepted and you will be charged a transfer fee if you bring a cat in a carrier. This is required to ensure the safety of our staff and the cats.
  • Current phone number needs to be listed on paperwork and you must be available at time of drop off in case there are any questions.

These appointments are managed under our discretion. Management has the right to turn away cats for surgery if the above steps are not followed. Outside exchanges are not acceptable! If you can’t fulfill the appointment you reserved, notify MHS immediately so we may contact people on our waitlist.


Thank you for all you do to help us maintain an efficient and smooth surgery intake drop off. With your help we will be able to accommodate even more spay/neuter surgeries and be able to help more animals! Teamwork makes the dream work!


Questions? Email our Community Cat Coordinator!