KHON2 - Interviewed Katie Shannon, Marketing Manager as to why Hoku did not move into the next round of Pupularity Contest

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Animal Planet revealed the rough reality of what happened with the Puppy Bowl results for Hawaii’s first participant, Hoku.

The owners of Animal Planet, Discovery Inc., said it was due to a technical error.

On Jan. 27 after polls closed and all votes were counted, results revealed the daily winner instead of the winner for the round. This left confusion that Hoku had claimed victory for round two of the “pupularity contest”.

While the eight-month-old Staffordshire Terrier did not advance into the next round, Puppy Bowl will take a moment to shed some light on the story behind Hawaii’s star pup, Hoku.

Puppy Bowl on Feb. 13 will host a special called “Pup Close and Personal” to showcase Hoku’s story and the Maui Humane Society who continues to care for her. The story will also be shared on the Puppy Bowl website.

Puppy Bowl is a television program that brings awareness to adoptable dogs and showcases the shelters and rescues that take their time to find homes for these animals.

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This article was in response to KHON2’s original news coverage, “Hoku wins 2nd round of Puppy Bowl, but website shows her victory was robbed”